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Friday, November 25, 2011

{ from scarlet to triumph }

hahaha. dont be surprise pretty girls..

i wake up this morning and suddenly this title pop out! i think that this could be a good idea to write on. girls esp.. will know la what is scarlet. what is triumph kan?

i believe that my readers are girls (kot). i dont think that boys out there want to read this crap(s) blog who always speaking about wedding preps bla bla. hihihi.

let's go, straight to the point. i just wonder why on earth girls spending so much money for triumph brand. just because it supported your ass you need to spend it more? or.. because the quality itself or.. when wearing something branded it increase the level of confident? does it like that???

seriously.. i cant bear my mind to spend Rm 130/pcs for triumph. i would rather buy 13 from scarlet (kot)! hahaha. well, it is not funny.. this is the mentality of ME.

however, last weekend i went to new Jusco One Utama for J Card Day. please imagine with those sales 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% up to 70%! every one is crazeh.. including me. huhuhu.

no secret after all, we girls will spend every RM and cents for those sales items. nice kan. so, do i. J Card Day is the day (for me) spending few hundred for lingerie. ngee.. i went to scarlet area and disappointed cause the rate is fix. pfftt.

next to scarlet is triumph where by peeps are crazeh looking for their stuffs. since i know the price is killing me so i afraid to even have a glanced to triumph area. huhuhu. but wait.. this is J Card Day kan? why not take a look and who knows that the price is reasonable? *wink*

its TRUE okeh. i never know. kesian. huhuhu. this is the time to grab triumph's lingerie cause the price is damn cheap! well, 6 months left to get married and i think i need to move from scarlet to triumph. hahaha..

tips of the day.. buy them during 70% sales and above!

yours truly,


Cik Zimie said...

triumph memang best.dulu pakai tu.tapi now sudah bertukar ke wacoal.ok bunyi macam org tua kan?hahah what to do.dah suka punya pasal.

mana2 pon boleh syira.yang penting keselesaan;)

Zaira Fadzil said...

seronoknye dah nak kawenn

Suraya Nordin said...

yea itu namanya pilihan bijak! beli masa sale :)

dulu sy pakai triumph jgk tp skarang da pakai la senza. pd sy bukan soal mahal/murah jz kalau pakai bra yg kte suka+selesa bru confident.kalau pakai victoria secret pun kalau x ske rasa pun x best mesti xde makna jgk. ngee :D

Aisyah Humaira said...

scarlet! sebab murah yet selesa lah jugak.. haha.. alamak, u pergi J card kat 1Utama tu jugak ke? same goest to me! wahhaha.. tak perasan lak triumph masa tu.. kalau terperasan, confirm dah beli jugak! hehe..