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Saturday, November 26, 2011

{ exactly 6 months left }

ish.. am i will getting married in very soon? i cant believe it. is that real?? huhuhu. not because of i dont like it, of cause i cant wait for it but.. entah. how fast time flies kan.

this is the right time. insya Allah. the time for me to get married to my prince charming. in fact, majority of my friend is getting married already. hihihi. a bit jealous :p

i hope that everything will going very smooth with the guidance and blessing from Allah swt.

so far.. our relationship is good. not much arguments, lousy jealousy, conflicts or drama. we enjoy the moments of being a fiance and fiancee. challenges? urm.. not a big deal so far.

alhamdulillah, Allah always showing me how to overcome any probs. i believe that Allah is here with me. i never afraid of anything.. *positive vibes*

besides, the lost of nenek (Al-Fatihah) another challenge that i need to get rid of is my busy bee sweetheart. huhuhu. approximately, today is day 5 he is been silent. sob.

*another positive vibes* be strong syahira! well, pergi operasi. its common. he is defending the country. might be he is not with his mobile phones..

ya Allah.. please listen to my prayers.. i want to hear his voice. i miss him (damn) much!

psst.. not to forget. this is our last Asar before we welcome new year this Maghrib.. Happy New Year peeps..

yours truly,

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dhiera said...

semoga dia lah jodoh yang tepat!