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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

{ 199 days to go }

hahaha. i cant believe that, i wanna getting married (insya Allah) in 199 days from now. how fast time flies when it suddenly become 99 days.. 19 days and 9 days..

so let's chit chat what i have done 199 days before our wedding date:

1. i confirmed with OP and OV team. deposit been paid, Rm 550/- damages.
2. speaking about the professional, i would like to hire them for the reception in KL too. i called the principle and he said, sure they will lock the date for me. Tq, bro.
3. materials for the reception is ready to send to my tailor.
4. materials for the solemnization is still pending. i bought already (laces, lining and my sweetheart's baju melayu) but mother rejected my sweetheart's material. u_u"
5. i asked my father's help to buy me legal documents and etc etc (anythings that related).
6. DIY bunga telur. current status is 180 flowers = 18 pcs bunga pahar *cried* 1,820 flowers to go. pfftt. i think i may reduced them. huhuhu.
7. i bought some artificial flowers to DIY wedding gifts for my sweetheart (hantaran). well, actually it is just for a prototype.
8. err.. what else eh? i think that's it (so far).

breath in, breath out. i can forecast that.. there are LOT of money to spend for.. huhuhu. insya Allah, i will spend everything wisely.

let's read Surah Al-Waqiah for murah rezki.. wink.

yours truly,


UyaRayza said...

gud lak dear..x lama dh tue

shafika fieka said...

wahh..saye 198days to kte lebey kurang same =)

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum uya,

1st congratulation on your good news!
2nd tq for your wishes!

assalamualaikum fieka,

seriously?? YEAY! happy preparing dear..