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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

{ materials for wedding reception }

i have something to tell you. sort of a confession la.

actually, i am neither a fashionista nor an up to date person. i wear anything that i think simple and easy. of cause things that i wear is neither back dated fashion nor something that ugly. huhuhu.

speaking about fashion and etc, i like to share that i bought materials for wedding couple of months before i engaged. so, that material is stand still in my luggage waiting patiently for their turn to send to my tailor.

not funny.

this is not my 1st time. in fact, materials for my engagement also gotta same issues. stuck in my luggage for few years before i send it to my tailor. but..

lucky for this time! next month i will sending my wedding materials to my tailor. so, it wont stuck for a long time. hahaha!

ah, this pic is..

taken last weekend. mother and i went to Jakel Batu Pahat to buy some wedding materials (again). well, not a secret anymore. above is material for the sword bearer/ wedding reception.

since mother is so soo sooo fussy, i just bought the heavy beaded lace in Bandung and let mother choose the lining as well as etc etc stuffs. settle.

afraid not, my fault is..

i misplace a piece of the material for the solemnization materials. pfftt. since mother dislike the lining and my sweetheart's material that i bought before, so she wanna buy something else. sigh. that one, later la ek.

if not, we did settle the solemnization and reception materials. arghh. my fault. i am careless.

yours truly,


UyaRayza said...

kain utk bj nikah i pun beli dkt jakel ;)

dhiera said...

hilang?? how come? sayang ye...
baik fikir betul2 mana letak~

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum uya,

i bought chiffon only. laces.. cant afford la dear. huhuhu.

assalamualaikum dhiera,

huhuhu. i dont have any idea about it. so sad.