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Thursday, November 10, 2011

{ this is my wedding dress }


6 months plus to go.

not a BIG SURPRISE at all.

the material is not-so heavy beaded french laces and plain chiffon.

unlike my engagement dress, a heavy beaded french laces which is heavy for me.

this time, i am looking for something that simple where by suits with my personality.

i inspired a simple kurung modern style cause simplicity is my character. *wink*

next month i will going to send the materials to my tailor. not a designer..

seriously.. i cant afford to pay a designer for a kurung modern. full stop.

and out of so sudden.. i was browsing ideas for scarfs and veils.. guest what??

i found something interesting just now.. a damn beautiful wedding veil. *screaming*

OMG, i want it seriously. i wish that i can DIY my own veil by doing some patchworks.

or. i will ask for mother's help in order to cut the workmanship cost! hahaha.

high expectations. mind you, PLEASE NO. i am a bride to be on BUDGET..

since my budget is tight, i need to cut the cost for only necessary items.

sound not cool, is it. my 2 cents..think out of the box and be creative..

let's DIY. bye. bye.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

wahh!!! even in black-white i boleh imagine mesti ur kain ni cantik. hehehe... can't wait to see the outcome soon.

Cik Wawa said...

xsabar nak tngok tuan baju pakai...
kenduri bila heee ;)

K.I.N.A said...

cantik..kain buat plated eh?igt bertndg nk buat gitu gak..hee..xpe..tailor biasa buat pun cantik kan..

miszatie said...

ni bt suspen nih..:)

UyaRayza said...

cantikkkk..saya pun pengantin cheapskate heheh

maryaaaaaaa said...

xde designer pun sure cantik punye laa :) dont worry. hehe. btw, good luck DIY eh :)

Nor_Emylin said...

i like this colour!! but its not suitable for my fiance..ya..kulitnya gelap2 skit kan..hahahaa

Miss Shikin said...

lovely dresses! :)