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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

{ long distant relationship is rubbish }

this morning, i listen to red. one of the caller said, 'long distant relationship is rubbish'. i thought, he does not believe with himself. he does not trust his own self. *pity him*

of cause i am not stand against his statements even though i understand the risk!

i am living this rest of my life with, LONG DISTANT RELATIONSHIP. in fact, from my puppy love(s) until now.

i seriously cant imagine 'how' if we are not. err.. i dont want to imagine it, yet!

personally, i am not saying that i am perfect all the time. of cause my sweetheart does not too. we are not perfect but we did the best for this relationship. we trust each others even it sound rubbish for you! ups.. excuse me.

we are only human being. we did mistakes. however, i always remind to myself and my sweetheart, what ever it is, staying near or far, SDR or LDR, well communication is very very important.

please dont cheating! keep it as secret, it is ok (for me). sometimes, i did not telling everything to him. i keep it as my secret. i believe that, every one need their own private space. if he asked me any questions, i tell him the truth. what to worry, only asked his questions. if he dont asked better keep it in your mouth.

eh. eh. i think my sweetheart dont worry about me much cause i love to tell him everything. thus, no secret at all (so far). haha! so, do you think LDR is rubbish? i think NOT. only people who dont believe with their own is rubbish.

i live myself happily and full of excitement with or w/out my sweetheart stand by my side. thank you my sweetheart cause you teach me to be an independent fiancee. *wink*

yours truly,


miszatie said...

somehow i really respect to those who have long distant relationship becoz there are able to be loyal to each other for a long tyme..respect!!..phewww

adnil linda said...

for other peoples...LDR look rubbish...
but for me...LDR is the most sweetest things in my life...

love my fiancee