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Friday, September 09, 2011

{ 3 months anniversary *cute* }

sept 11, our relationship will turn 3 months as a fiance-fiancee couple *so sweet* alhamdulillah.. so far the journey went smooth. even sometimes, there are (still have) ups and downs *normal*. as usual, we managed to get through all these.

actually, I managed to get through.. ok, i listed a few things that (usually) makes me annoyed..

(1) he silent for few days.
(2) rarely reply my sms(es).
(3) no pillow talks.
(4) ..

not only that, within this 3 months my life been showered by joys and happiness because of:

(1) new job with better paid.
(2) new status in relationship.
(3) rented cheap fully furnished room c/w best housemates.
(4) best colleagues.
(5) better living environment.
(6) my sweetheart went to down south celebrated syawal with my family *morale up*
(7) supportive family and friends

above are reasons why i stay strong w/out my sweetheart beside me. i understand he wish not to ignore me but sometimes he have to U_U well, i did annoyed but.. i ignored it too.

there are A LOT of excitements in this life. why do i stay annoyed?? keep it up and enjoy it to the max! oh, i love to try something new. since my sweetheart is busy, i am looking for activities that makes me busy too.

guest what?? my recent activity is hiking. hihi. i appreciate nature. my sweetheart is a ranger. i interested to get to know more about nature, going to jungle, spend time with mosquito and leech *cross fingers* etc etc.

psst.. i tell you, it is extremely fun! seriously, i am falling in love with jungle/ forest, hill and mountain..

yours truly,

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kaklong said...

wah...hepi nyer die...ok la.selamat ulangbulan...(ganti ulangtahun kan) heheh

semoga kekal hga jinjang pelamin dear ! ;)