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Saturday, September 10, 2011

{ almost 9 months to go }

insya Allah.. my big day will be held some where in may/ june 2012. there are lot of fun things mingled around in my mind. haha.

however, as far as i confirm i want to diy my own 'bunga pahar' using dip flowers. *excited mode has turn ON* the idea of dip flowers is suggested by my colleagues in fabe (department). i tell you, there are super expert diy dip flowers.

since, i love to try something new, why not?? frankly speaking, i dont have much info about dip flowers due to the source is limited (kot). in fact, in BBF not many of them discussing about it. fine, the number is very little.

when my colleagues suggested me diy dip flowers, i immediately google it to get some info. i will try to download the basic instruction to diy dip flowers. but, i failed. *sigh*

never mind these are few pictures of dip flowers design that i think interesting:

excuse me girls, i would like to ask in 1 'bunga pahar' there are usually how many holes eh? i need to identify the numbers of dip flowers to diy. Tq.

yours truly,


Aya said...

1 bunga pahar biasenye 50 holes.. nway, ade few geng BBF yang diy bunga dip. even kat their blog pun ade post instructions tapi i x ingat siape... maybe u can ask around kat group BBF

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum aya,

thank you so much dear for that info. i am really appreciate it! hugs.