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Friday, May 20, 2011

a walk to remember my father

dear diary,

this is a responds towards something..

one of my blogger buddy having a conflict with her father. if i am not mistaken it was all about the pre wedding issues.

i believes, all of us having the same probs too before. conflicts with parents esp when we are not sharing the wedding dreams. mother want this, father prefer that and we (as the bride) ??

i may not understand you (different peeps gotta different situations) but.. what i know is we are stressful! huhu.. full stop.

excuse me, i rarely share about my father. most of the time i had arguments with my mother. ahaha! cause we never discuss things in front of father due to he will provoke us. sigh.

just to play safe, we keep the secret.

personally, parents wanted the best for us. but, as a child we have our own dreams too. to be fair and square, we need to discuss, give and take. win-win situation is the best solution. but how??

you know your family well, so do i. ask yourself.

fine, there arent easy. but there are still have ways to solve them. i am having probs with father too. *read this* still, it's a problem. my problem with him.

after sometimes.. *read this* too. see..not much. but it's really makes my day. and the latest are..

1. father booked tables and chairs for our makan-makan. even covers (kain alas meja & sarung kerusi) is not following my theme but still i have no complains to father. i know he did his best!

2. father did survey, Gardenia muffin is Rm 1.20 if he buy direct from suppliers. the best part is he did survey the market price too, Rm 1.50. he said, save RM 0.30! hihi.

fine. not much.. but i can see father changed much. now, he is open to discuss. he can accept my ideas and i dont know how to explain..

what i know is i am grateful because i am still have father and mother who will always support me, pray for me and the most important thing is healthy.

i dont ask much, but i hope please.. please.. please.. showers our family with joys and happiness, healthy and wealthy. amin.

p/s: sometimes there are annoying but i just dont mind. i love them forever.
p/s/s: most of the times, i annoyed. there are still love me. *hugs them*

yours truly,


zimie said...

nota kaki syira sangat best.'i always annoyed but they love me so much' yes i always annoyed them. sobssob.

suddenly i feel so blessed. lov u mymmy daddy.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

yes dear. mmg byk benda kita akan argue sbb selera masing2 tak sama. tapi at the end, kita kena happy kan mereka juga. sbb yg nak kawin, anak diorg juga. tapi alhamdulillah, since my wedding preps mostly from my pocket money except the F&B. so part F&B is their decision and also the wedding date semua depends on them. yg lain, semua saya uruskan. hehehe... syukur. ;)

Syima Syaz said...

alhamdulillah.... parents memang sangat2 memahami.they give us 100% support.kita just tunjuk, bila mak kata 'eh...tanak...' then explain, insyaallah 90% mak will agree.part catering pun even parents support, still tanya kitorang.. ok atau tak!
sangat2 bersyukur...