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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

random updates, pre engagement story

dear diary,

i have lots of good news on May. new home, new job, graduation day and enjoy my single life before i've change my status. oh it's wonderful moments. alhamdulillah.

current pre engagement update is number of gifts increased. according to our 1st discussion, we did agree to exchange 7-9. however, couple of days ago my sweetheart informed that he will give me 9 trays and i need to reply him 11 trays.

i received this as gifts from Allah. alhamdulillah.

after discussed with mother, we did agree to add a pair of long sleeves come with necktie and a mangkuk tingkat with foods. err.. by giving him a magkuk tingkat with foods is referring to Javanese style.

ok settle about the gifts, next is..

number of guest. this will be in charge by my father. although i am the eldest and this is our 1st family event, father suggested to invite our close family members, neighbors and AJK Masjid. we expected, there are more or less 50 guest.

in my sweetheart's side, he is the eldest too and the 1st grandson in his family. meaning, all of his family members including aunts, uncles and cousins will convoy to down south Johore. he expected 10 cars (insya Allah) will participate.

phew.. he makes me nervous when i 1st heard about this news! i hope that everything gonna be smooth. amin.

what else..

oh, just wanted to inform that i will not going home until 10.06.2011. meaning that, i will going home later only for my engagement day. thii hii hii..

yours truly,


Cik Deby said...

wahhh... 9 bls 11. banyak tu. Good luck dear!

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum cik deby,

alhamdulillah. it's Allah's gifts for us (=

err.. i cant imagine how many trays for my solemnization. huhu.