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Saturday, April 30, 2011

who will become a make up artist of the day?

dear diary,

my make up artist of the day is.. a women. full stop.

alhamdulillah, i just confirm with her this afternoon. before i confirm with her, there are few drama between me and few make up artist. huhu.

potential mua a: her due date is around the corner.

potential mua b: my ex girl school mate but she's fully booked.

potential mua c: it's a wrong number. sigh.

potential mua d: my ex girl school mate, in case i cant find anyone.

potential mua e: she's the one! finally..

drama begin with,

i text B inform her about my engagement and asked about my date. she told me that she will confirm with me later. last night she called me, inform that she cant be able to help me and will replace with her make up guru.

i was like.. err.. disagree and cancel it.


i called Nora, my friend. i am quite satisfied with her make up last time during her engagement day. she looks perfect on pics. just a simple make up, the most important thing is mua E never changed her to different looks. Nora is still Nora. not suddenly become Dato' Siti or Rossa or etc etc.

i dislike mua who is trying to hard, end up make it worst. Nora promised me to text her mua E contact number..

and while waiting,

i review contact numbers from hp. i found 'Kak xxxx make up'. i was like.. eh! if i am not mistaken she's my friend's mua. w/out further due, i called her and asked about my friend, Nora. she replied, yesss bla bla bla.

i asked her rate and we discuss everything via phone call. confirm.

so, i Zzz..

around 5am, i received sms from Nora. she send me Kak xxx's contact number and i surprised! OMG, who is 'Kak xxxx make up' that i called last night?? huhu. why she's so confident when i talked about Nora?? huhu.

guess what???

couple of months ago, i went to my staff's wedding. she hired 'Kak xxxx' and personally, she did very very very bad. excuse me, mua C with her old style (tepung gomak, fake eyelashes senget/ terjungkit) + dusty make up casing + old brand items etc etc, oh so scary!


lesson learn, be extra careful before you did confirm with strangers. this morning i text 'Kak xxxx make up' and feel sorry that i need to cancel it due to certain reasons.

lucky me, this afternoon i did confirm with mua E. she's Nora's mua during her engagement day. YEAY!! the price is reasonable (alhamdulillah). since i called her at the very last minutes, she cant be able to have a trial make up slot with me due to i am not in hometown until 10.06.2011.

so friends, there is no trial make up until 'that' day. let's pray that she did as good job as Nora's make up. hihi.

p/s: there is another mua that i love his touches is my ex primary school mate. unfortunately, mother dislike men's touches. ok fine.

yours truly,


lovelyadibah said...

wah~..debo2..:)mesti t comel jer:)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum dba,

i wish to have a trial make up but i have no time to do so. huhu.


let's pray that everything will be ok.