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Monday, April 25, 2011

this is not a show off entry. TQ

dear diary,

my nawaitu publish this entry is to share my experience shopping in D'Fashion, Pasar Baru, Bandung. this is not a show off entry, eh. i hope i can share with you some useful info. thank you.

i tell you the truth, almost 5 hours i spend my time here just to buy materials for solemnization, reception and family attires. 2+1+10

what is 2+1+10?
basically, it refers to solemnization outfits for both of us (2), my reception (1) cause my sweetheart will wearing his uniform and 10 family members included mother and my lil sister.

where to start eh?
Arthur, is one of D'Fashion top management team (i guess). he helps me a lot! such as giving me great discounts, he has good PR and convincing me to shop over spend w/out feeling guilty. huhu.

no worries, he's GOOD. find him if you plan to visit D'Fashion next time. motif? to get better prices. wink.

then, let's talking about what are so special about this place. there provided varies of materials (dont asked me details cause i lost my mind when i step in), varies of choices/ colors in each materials, varies range of prices from damn cheap to OMG why so expensive!! haih.

i hope i am not influenced you yet.

as every one know, the price is way cheaper come with good quality of materials either in Bandung or Jakarta. my answer is, of cause. based from my experiences, materials esp laces and English/Japanese cottons were very cheap compared to you know where..

i surveyed in Malaysia, the same material A is Rm50/m and surprised in Bandung is Rm 10.50/m only.
another surveyed in Malaysia, the same material B is Rm 800/pairs (bride and groom) and double surprised in Bandung is Rm 87.50/m (still cheap ok!)

am i influenced you ord........... but wait, Nana asked me about something..

she did mentioned about RM25/m. i am afraid to say it. but it depends. what kind of materials and quality of goods itself. laces have different types. again, dont asked me about the details. my aim is to buy the original french laces with heavy beaded. thus, i go for it.

my last visit to Bandung (when i shopping for my engagement outfits) i still can get Rp 100,000/m for heavy beaded french lace but today.. the price is up! oh, i went during Christmas Year End Sale. huhu.

that's why, i spend over budget this time. there's no longer french lace started with Rp 100,000/m. everything starts with Rp 200,000/m and above. ehem, actually it still cheap.. just Rm 70.00 =___=' fine..

why original french laces?
easy, girls. because i admit that i cant afford to buy them in Malaysia with current prices which usually the price start with Rm 800 and above. phew.. that's why (again) i did mention before, listed down your budget and be specific what you desire to buy.

i spend couple of hours because i cant decided which is the best for me. just because Arthur shown me his best collections makes me sick to choose. haha! i love everything about D'Fashion materials. thumbs up!

eh, i am not trying to influence you..

but dont worry, i am a bride to be on budget. very tight budget after i over spend for the solemnization and reception's, for the rest 10 important family members, i bought everyone with still high quality of materials with reasonable prices. i might say, around Rp 25,000/m to Rp 30,000/m. Rm8.75/m - Rm10.50/m laces.

this is just for laces. however.. there is something that i regret. not about this place.. but.. there is something that i suppose to prepare earlier. sigh.

cont later, la.. things that i hard to accept until now. arghh!

before i sign off, enjoy my last pic which is..

girls, i am not influences you.. but, if you wish to visit D'Fashion you are most welcome!! hihi.

p/s: next entry is my confession about things that i regret (kot). will see it how.

yours truly,


K.I.N.A said...

If only i can go there for my bertandang dress..;)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

u siap study harga? that's good. at least kita tahu beza harga kat sana n kl mmg jauh beza.

Cik Lijah - BuKan PuTerI CinDeReLla said...

huhu...beshnye shopping situ.....!!