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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

confessions of .. err.. about something..

dear diary,

this is my confessions about my wedding materials, french laces. surprised!!

there is no secret when i said, my engagement attires is a french lace but i design it simple. i design and send it to my tailor. full stop.

then, when it comes to wedding attires, i cant even think anything except something more than my engagement. did you get my point? in fact, this is what people expectations is it?

i know. it sounds annoying but..

nvm. i have my own reasons why i design myself and not to rent it from any bridal boutiques. my plan is to design my own wedding attires and send it to my tailor. please dont underestimate my tailor. she did very good job in tailoring except beading and patch works.

i have no worries, cause i have a back up plan for it. full stop.

now, straight to the point. i blamed myself cause i didnt pay attention much at my homework. i did survey the design for wedding dress but i am not take it seriously. i just did survey.. browse the internet. that's it.

i supposed finalize the idea. ok at least select the best 3 design and submit it to my tailor. discuss with her about the materials selections/ combination so that i can buy them in Bandung.

unfortunately, being so blur-blur before i taking off last week (sigh), i just bought the materials according to my color charts. i actually wasting money to buy something that i suppose not to buy and over spend just because i bought more than i supposed. sob.

well, blaming myself is not the end of everything. i must think out of the box. the materials is there, in front of us. we (my team) shall brainstorming to ensure my dreams wedding attires come true.

insya Allah.

this is what bride to be on budget shall do. you did wrong at the 1st place and never did the mistake twice. i over spend on something (even it still cheap compared in Malaysia) but need to be careful next time.

anyone, planning to go to D'Fashion, Pasar Baru Bandung? i would like to ask your favor. would you mind to buy me 2m of french lace? of cause i give you money. haha. just 2m. anyone?


just because i made mistakes, i cant buy another 2m french lace. i just want 2m. huaaaaa..

p/s: i am still sad. sob. no, i am not talking about that pic. girls, enjoy the view of OMG why so cheap of french laces. huhu.

yours truly,


~ NANA ~ said...

nk kirim jugak if ade org nk pegi! hahaha

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

dear, jgn sedih2. kain dah ada, so kena cari solution mcm mana nak buat baju. if ur tailor x dpt buat, cari someone yg mmg biasa dgn french lace. ;)

Cik Lijah - BuKan PuTerI CinDeReLla said...

org pon nak kirim....!! kih3