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Saturday, April 23, 2011

let's talk about wedding shopping in Bandung

dear diary,

"my tips for shopping in Pasar Baru is wearing as comfort as you can from up to toe. there is no time to apply heavy make up, wear high heels and show of your hand bag! oh, please dont.

i just wear as a pic attached, a pair of pink slipper, sling bag and bagpack. i kept everything inside my sling bag (such as passport, currency converter schedule, the planner booklet, money, lip balm and hand fan) and mineral water bought from hotel inside bagpack."


1 of my reader asked me, where i go for wedding shopping in Pasar Baru, Bandung? the answer is D'Fashion, Toko Terbesar dan Terlengkap di Kota Bandung. it's like Jakel, Nagoya or Gulatis in Malaysia.

my advice is just stop and visit this place and DONT DONT DONT wasting your time to go any other places except been recommended by your friends because everything is ready for you (wedding shopping and hari raya shopping la esp).

i regret at the very 1st place cause i am wasting times looking for my fav boutique (sorry to say that it was closed!). enough said.

i spend almost 5 hours there. i mean in D'Fashion only. hurm.

"another tips, please decided your budget and colors before you go to Pasar Baru for wedding shopping because i myself who was listed my budget 6 months earlier end up, fails! i over spend! huhu"

oh, please.. girls.. tell me, who can say NO to original french lace??? *stress! stress!

sigh. my budget supposed is around Rp 2,000,000 unfortunately it become Rp 2,750,000++ see.. see..

interested to know details, wait until i ready to reveal them tomorrow eh. huhu.

yours truly,


Wan Adawiyah said...

amboi kayanye shopping sampai 2M...h3h3h3

Ms and Mr Red Ribbon said...

dear, i bought my kain kebaya for wedding kat kedai tue jugak!!!! memang banyak sangat design kat kedai tue yang kita tak bole dapatkan kat kedai lain :)

zimie said...

amboi bestnya syahira.hihi.nanti saya nak pergi bandung,kamu tolong guide ye! tapi bukan sekarang la.maybe bulan 6/7.tiket pun belum beli. *mood berangan dulu*

LittleSunshine said...

wahh..5 hours kat dfashion..liza xsmpai 2 jam pun..hahahahhaa

ElyaElmo said...

raqmbang mata kan bila dh smpai situu..hihih

~ NANA ~ said...

jeles! sekian :P

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum wan adawiyah,

Rp 2,000,000 only. hihi.

assalamualaikum ms red ribbon,

yes, i agree. there provided lot of choices. that's why i recommended this place.

assalamualaikum zimie,

no probs dear. anything just PM me. insya Allah, i will help you.

assalamualaikum liza,

i wish to stay longer. but time didnt permit us. sigh.

assalamualaikum elya,

of cause dear. i wish to visit d'fashion again and again. huhu.

assalamualaikum nana,

haha. hugs you. bandung is my all time fav for shopping. wink.

eyanne said...

jelesnya... xsbr nk pg sn July nnt