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Saturday, April 23, 2011

last minutes preparation before i went to Bandung

dear diary,

i hope this entry will help you. enjoy reading and exploring Bandung, Indonesia with me.

let's start with a few days before i went to Bandung. surprised, i am not excited! in fact, 24 hours before i off to Bandung i am still not change money yet. huhu.

i am lost. totally lost. maybe because mother was still not in good conditions at that time and three quarter of me was with her, i cant think anything except mother. hurm.

i forced myself to move, packed my stuffs and went to fpil's house. psst.. my sweetheart sponsored his younger sister to accompany me shopping (=

both of us went to money changer inside Wangsa Walk Mall. i recommended you, the service was tip top! the rate is way cheaper than any other places such as Subang, Bangi and Kajang. i will say yes to go to Wangsa Walk Mall again during weekdays. wink.

"mind you, do not bring much inside your luggage. as far as i remember i just brought a pair of jeans, 3 pairs of shirts with pajamas, disposal inner wears and not disposal inner wears, few scarfs and toiletries only. remember, used as comfort shoes as possible because we are talking about shopping like crazy!!

one last reminder, i brought 2 luggage (medium and large). i packed everything inside the medium luggage and allocated it inside the large luggage. did you get my point.

YEAY!! i am happy cause total weight of 'that' luggage is 14kg only.

unfortunately, i didnt book the flight ticket with luggage and need to pay RM50 for 0-15kg. sob.

thus, book your flight ticket as well as luggage and meals. it save you more."

since the flight was around 7.15pm we arrived Lcct around 5.00pm and wait for my bbf and her family.

upon waiting at the gate before we went to Bandung. frankly speaking, this time i brought double $$ compare to my 1st visit just for shopping! 2k is not enough, i tell you =___='

cont later eh.

yours truly,


LittleSunshine said...

2k mmg xcukup..liza hbs byk juga la..adoiiii

Syima Syaz said...

aritu konon nak trip ke bandung, plan rm5k untuk shopping kat sana....
tapi.. takde rezeki fly ke sana.susah nak cuti lama.....=(

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum liza,

i didnt brought much cause i bought myself alone. none can help me T_T in fact, my sweetheart younger sister bought for her brother's side. huhu.

assalamualaikum syima,

next time after wedding maybe.. i spend for wedding attires only. the rest door gifts and wedding invitation card will buy in Malaysia. easy peasy to buy and monitor.