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Friday, April 15, 2011

single but not available

dear diary,

there are 2 things about long distant relationship. happy and sad. things gonna be happy when we know that we will going to meet each others and things gonna be sad after we know that the time is over. i dislike when i need to say goodbye to him.

me not like. sometimes i was thinking that, why we need to be LDR. hurm. we have been like this for 3 years and 2months plus..

in fact in past 1 year plus, life getting tougher when he transferred to Mentakab. he has told me, in 1st 2 years in army arent easy. we need to sacrifice a lot! yes, i do. in fact we have go through the journey..

i cant see how my life could be later. what i believes are we will be together in no matter what. ups and downs. sweet and sour. happiness and tears..

insya Allah, there have been written up there this is the best for us. amin.

my sweetheart said, he wants me to follow him to Mentakab after we are getting married. err.. i have no idea. to go or not to go.. i have 1 year plus more to go. nvm.


yours truly,


adnil linda said...

Dear syira - at least ur army is an,not really tougher than mine..
Wish u all the best

farahfatihah said...

same goes to me, LDR...hard but sometimes sweet huhu

aNis LeMoN aBu said...

Dear syira.

Sabar ye. Dari masa hubby i still my bf sampai sekarang, da 4 tahun kitorang pjj. dulu percintaan jarak jauh, pertunangan jarak jauh, sekarang perkahwinan jarak jauh pula~ ;p

walaupun suami kita kerjanya lain2, tapi cincai kira sama la situasi kite ni ek =)

kite bertahan sama2, ok! xtahan, kite benti je keje, pindah je duk sama dengan hubby kite.

♥naematulsaadahismail♥ said...

salam syira..
insyaallah..lepas ni pasti Allah permudahkan segala urusan..
kawan naem 3 orang kawin dgn army..
all the best..
rasa xsabar lak nak tunggu wedding korang

Ainee Cumi said...

It must be the hardest time for you but then nevermind u will get use to it. Pray for the best of both of you, okay?

Btw I wrote 1 entry for engagement budget, do have a look okay. Hehhehe!

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum linda,

thanks dear. wish you all the best too. officer or not, we are in the same boat.. we will be army's wife. YEAY!! hihi.

assalamualaikum FF,

i solute you! it's true, it was sweet but at the same time it was tough. be strong to us!

assalamualaikum anis,

WOW! you are very strong. wish to be as stronger as you. amin.

assalamualaikum naem,

do pray the best for us in the journey to marriage and our life after. wink. hugs you naem!