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Monday, April 04, 2011

morale down 68 days left

dear diary,

i dont know where to start. what i know is, now my heart is breaking into pieces. it's painful. i am at home now..

last Monday mother admitted in Pantai Hosp, Batu Pahat. 6 days mother in hospital. i managed to accompany her for 4 days and nights. due to surgery, mother needed more rest and support.

alhamdulillah, i always there for her.

however, this morning mother told me that it's painful at her open surgery section. we surprised that, it's bleeding O_O" ya Allah! only Allah knows our feelings!

now, father has taking mother to Pantai Hosp, Batu Pahat to see her specialist. what making me burst my tears is when i was alone at mother's room. i see her last shirt, kain batik, her bed.. Ya Allah.. i cant help myself.

in fact.. i was crying (again) at this moment. Ya Allah.. please help us. guide us. i hope mother will recover very soon. i cant see mother's condition..

i never cries in front of mother. i pretend that everything is ok. actually, i was not. i am not strong enough to see all these. Ya Allah.. Ya Allah.. helps my family Ya Allah..

in this situation, my morale is down. i never touches anything regarding on the diy projects thingy. hurm.. i am try but i cant. it's hard.

life is different now. i wish to see my healthy mother, energetic super mom! >__<"

i dont know how is life without mother. i am so grateful that i am still have a mother. Ya Allah please.. help my mother.

friends.. please.. pray for my mother.. i cant stop crying. oh, i am so down.

p/s: it was 68 days to go. please.. please.. get well soon mother. we needs you.

yours truly,


h e r n y z a r said...

as'salam ira... tabahkan hati ya dear... banyakkan berdoa, berzikir, bacaan yassin dan bersolat... insyaAllah.. Allah itu Maha Mendengat... pasti Dia akan membantu mengurangkan beban fmly ira.. sara pn pernah hadapi situasi begini bersama ayahanda sara masa operasi by pass.. insyaAllah everything goin smooth and your mom will get well soon.. insyaAllah.. XOXO~!

PussyCat said...

pray a lot dear!i understand how u feel..mother is like our backbone!esp in wedding prep thingy..