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Thursday, March 31, 2011

personal respond towards some thing

dear diary,

this is very general thought about something. things that i consider as dont!

most of my friends knows that i is obsess in pink. from up to toe, in and out there must be at least something in pink.

but there is something that i always remind myself is to dont let my sweetheart wearing pink attires esp during our wedding. it's a big NO!

i am not sure why, but i dislike it. huhu. sorry no offenses. i hard to accept it la. sigh.

there is one time, couple of years ago my sweetheart wearing pink t shirt and i told him that he looks better in red. he asked me why cause he thought all gf wanted their bf wearing their fav colors..

i replied, i am not that type of lady. haha!

fyi, his fav color is orange. that's why our engagement theme are pink and orange. since i will going to Bandung in couple of weeks ahead, we did discuss about the solemnization attires. this time, i let he decided what ever color he wants..

seriously, he surprised me when he said GREEN!! gulp.

i swear that i never ever thing that i will wearing gr.. gr.. grr.. greennn.. help!! help!! phew.. breath in, breath out. i asked him for more than 5 times. are you sure? are you sure??

definitely he replied, 'the solemnization attires will be in green color, syg..'

yours truly,

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~ mizzAmy ~ said...

sama lah dengan encik tuney ku. dia pun nak pakai HIJAU ok. dia tuh bercita2 nak jadi askar but tak cukup syarat ketinggian. lol....