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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

life must go on

dear diary,

i was planning to rent a house. to have my own house at this moment is always NO. it is because of i still not confirm to have this rest of my life at which places yet. ehem.. well you know army's wife's life. nvm.

talking about my planning to rent a house, there are lot of things to consider such as location, facilities, the environment, renting fees, celcom coverage and etc etc.

since my morale is down to do any diy projects, let's doing some exercises to enhance the skill of creative thinking. hurm.

as far as i concern, renting a house meaning that we are creating our own 'home sweet home'. new space of living, new tools and furniture, new.. new.. and new.. slash there are lot of $$ to get ready.

essentially, different people have different perspectives of creating their own 'home sweet home' depends on their $$. as a bride to be who have a tight budget, i not only need to prepare for the engagement and wedding thingy in fact i must consider life after that.

where my life after that began? it's actually starting from now. how do i spend my money, what kind of investment that i made so far and etc etc.

since my writing tonight is a bit boring, i remind you to stop reading this if you are not interested towards serious issue like this.. haha!

i used to spend money wisely (so far).. but, sometimes it's hard to deny for shopping cause it was a therapy. wink. and and and.. i am afraid to say that i invest for nothing yet. phew..

so next time, besides shopping for the preparation i need to allocate some $$ for 'my home sweet home' fund. this is the most interesting part, i will share what i wish for..

Home Sweet Home Wish List:

1. a simple bedroom set ( pillow, mattress, comforter bed set, bed, cheap decorative wall mirror, wardrobe, a shocking pink chair). i still can survive w/out dressing table.

2. kitchen of cause ( rice cooker, heater, pan and pots, double stove, oven and baking tools, very important fridge and washing machine). i enjoy cooking either weekdays and weekends. hence, this is my playground. nge~~~

3. living room. hurm.. this will be the last place that i will decorate or i just diy with a simple and cozy idea such as a carpet, cushions, small side table and bouquet of flowers pot. i still can survive w/out tv! but please, give me full coverage of celcom broadband. Thank you~~~

see, there are lot of $$ to spend for them. for the time being, i hard to live w/out proper bedroom, kitchen stuff such as fridge and washing machine. huhu.

since sharing is caring, i would love if my sweetheart volunteer to donate me some $$ to buy all those things. haha! ehem, later he will use them too. wink.

insya Allah, i will allocate my 1st salary and onwards in order to rise the fund. therefore, this is what we are manager be, well prepare and plan for our better future. peace.

yours truly,


Cik Lijah - BuKan PuTerI CinDeReLla said...

think this entry is pon slalu pening how to allocate budget not just for wed preps but for new marriage life juga...beli mesin basuh, katil dsb utk rumah sewa baru...anyway, be strong ekkk syahirah!!

farahfatihah said...

babe, mintak alamat nak bg favors..letak kat inbox k

~ NANA ~ said...

dear...barang2 dlm rumah tu u jgn pk sgt la...nanti time wedding u, akan ramai org bawak hadiah mcm tu...hehe...lgpon org cakap pengantin baru akan murah rezki :)