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Thursday, April 28, 2011

English love songs, video clips and checklist

dear diary,

last night BBF girls and i discussed about any English love songs which they love the most. i received good feedback from them.

some share with me the title and singer, correct my typo 'colby callait' haha, share the beautiful lyrics and video clips. it such one sweet moment when we try to recall all love song together.

so, my fav English (consider) love song is 'i dont wanna miss a thing' by aerosmith. i can listen to this (only this) for more than 10times/ hour. number will increased when my sweetheart is away for an out station. hihi.

besides this, 'love story' by taylor swift is our trade mark love song. each lyrics are meant to me.

actually, i was planning for something. since it still in very early stage, i am afraid to share about this in public. let's pray that, the dreams come true. amin.

full stop.

another topic is i need to list down important things that must be capture by my OP. i will help him by giving 1 list and ensure he 'must' capture that important moments 1st before it's too late. i mean, before he wasting his times capture the not so important things and left the precious moments, better i stand by the checklist.

call me, perfectionista. please dont. i do for our good sake.

p/s: what is your fav English love songs?

yours truly,


Alia.A said...

Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing is absolutely a perfect song! and my all time fav is Goo goo dolls - Iris! :)

Both songs mmg lovely kan :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

nak pasang lagu masa ur engagement ke? or nak buat lagu utk videography? waaahh... tetiba i keterujaan. hehehe...

zimie said...

me too love love story from taylor swift!! But our trademark is from Indonesian singer Once - Dealova. ;)

farahfatihah said...

i do by colbie caillat