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Monday, March 07, 2011

wedding dress with sash

dear diary,

just forget about the engagement thingy, let's focus on Bandung trip next month. i booked the flight ticket last year purposely for wedding shopping. in my previous entry, i did list down in general things to buy..

but, i am still not finalized the design yet for each attires cause it still too early to plan for wedding (huhu).

however, if i want to buy materials for khatam quran, solemnization and reception at least i have ideas what are the design kan? not simply buy the materials and later will decide the design. NO. NO. NO.

what if the materials are not enough? that's why everything need to be plan early even tho the wedding will be held next year! phew..

know what, this is my current obsession..

i am not into all trendy fashion, latest up to date design. i would prefer to play safe. meaning that, i will choose something that fashionable yet practical all the time. hopefully..

i have less than a month to study 'fashionable in my eyes yet practical designs' for khatam quran, solemnization and reception attires. up to toe. from the fabric, the design, the accessories and etc.

huhu. i am not only the wedding planner but i can be able pretend as a not so professional designer. huhu. excuse me.

source: google

yours truly,


Rilla said...

Go for safe..but timeless. Nanti dah tua tengok album balik pun baju still nampak cantik

lovelyadibah said...

wah!cantiknyer!:)bestla syahira nk g bandung!wuwuwuwu~..