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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

some one share about engagement and wedding budget

dear diary,

last night i read her blog for the 1st time. i realized that,

1. saving is important
2. details in planning needed to avoid over budget
3. spend wisely every Rm and cents
4. do not influenced much by anyone who has big budget
5. creative thinking by diy (optional)
6. believe in myself that less is more
7. study, did research and homework a lot in order to success
8. team work with family and good friends will help me out
9. 2 way communication with my sweetheart and support each others (insya Allah) will strengthen this relationship
10. both of us needs to understand each others.

i wonder, how much (in general) other brides to be spend for their engagement ek. i am grateful that, even tho currently i is jobless i did saving (not much) last time.

so far, i went to Bandung last trip, next trip, shopping for engagement attires in Bandung, tailor fees, some stuffs for attires up to toe, all gifts for him are using my own money. alhamdulillah.

i prepared them everything slowly every month since last year cause i know that i cant afford to pay everything in one time .. now, mother help me top up several things for the engagement. huhu.

ok. ok. i need to work/ find new job. i must pay back to mother and father, prepare for engagement and wedding thingy, prepare for live after wedding, new house, new furniture, new business (insya Allah), new baby eh.


p/s: my sweetheart said, next year we need to work hard to get twin. lol. amin.

yours truly,


farahfatihah said...

life after married most, be wise in manage ur some research n survey...u can do it!! caiyok2

~ NANA ~ said...

sweet je ayat 'twin' tu...hihihik

amy fahmi said...

i should stick to my early planning too..i pun jobless gak. huhu.. tapi dah banyak lari dah perancangan ni. kena beringat selalu la lepas ni.
to u, be wise. engagement simple je. spend more untuk wedding and the most untuk selepas kahwin. :)