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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

basket pastry c/with tarts

dear diary,

i love tart. no matter pineapple, blueberry, cheese tart, as long as it is T.A.R.T i love it to the max!

i bought cream cheese last weekend and decided to bake blueberry cheese tart. arghh, why all tart are delicious!! can i have it nao. sob!

pic below is one of my close friends' gift for her husband last weekend. the basket is made by pastry. meaning that, you can eat the whole basket and come with tarts inside.

ehem. actually, i sponsored her this gift. ok. no longer a secret! i gave her money and she ordered this delicious basket pastry with tarts.

in fact, i can tell you the price is reasonable. more or less it is similar with a secret recipe cake which is not bad la..

p/s: i read, hanis zalikha's mother bake this too. if i am not mistaken, the price range is between Rm60-Rm80 depends on the size, design and flavor.

p/s/s: insya Allah, this will be one of my gift to my sweetheart! peace.

yours truly,

1 comment:

R-YuzSha said...

gud idea... selain dari kek, best jugak pastry basket nie.. nice!