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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

handmade songket for my sweetheart


hi buddies.

i was in a mood of browsing the gifts decor. this time i google for songket decor n songket gift. well, handmade songket is one of the gift for him. it's delivered from terengganu by my blogger sister. wink.

purposely, of cause for the solemnization day. insya Allah.

since mother interested/ requested/ suggested to diy the gifts decor which i think when she probably can doing this cause by end of april- early may she will going for umrah, mid may will be my graduation day, end of may is my aunt no. 9 solemnization and wedding day at muar last but not least week after that is on her future husband side at kota bharu!

surprise, the following week after all busy day is 11.06.11 O.o sob.

i better stand by. at least when mother start to switch on her alarm at least i have some pics to refer. huhu. and here are some of pics download from google. thank you.

err.. i was thinking that better i slowly diy them and get mother's approval cause i am worried that we cant meet the dateline. mind you, mother is perfectionist unfortunately i was not.

before she turn on the alarm like she did on last Feb Mission 2011 better i prepared myself and those stuffs. huhu.

ok, signing off for tonight. see you tomorrow.

p/s: i am really appreciate if you share your diy links. ngee..

yours truly,

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ElyaElmo said...

goodluck dear..elya suke yg bentuk tengkolok tu :D