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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

something funny to remember


morning buddies.

123 days to go. practically nothing happen. zero progress. in fact, i am not understand why i take this things easy. or, i suppose take this ease eh. hihi.

i do remember before this, i excited to study, do some research and homework regarding on the preparation for my engagement day. now, when the date has been confirm my passion is missing.

3 years i am waiting patiently for this and here you are, the time has come. i on my way to get engage with my sweetheart, the one i love to the max! feels that, i cant believe this. that, we are really going to engage. huhu.

not funny! this is for real. err.. what ever it is, i am grateful. alhamdulillah.

ok, let me share something that i think it is funny during Feb Mission 2011. since this is a very 1st time event for both families, we are technically try and error. i mean, different places have different styles.

from the feedback i heard, the discussion went well but both families discussing much on flood cases in johor and messy in cairo =__=" huhu.

i think, over 100% of family visit, they are just spend 20% for the main purpose, 40% for flood and messy and 40% of makan-makan (lunch and tea break)! at least, this can build close relationship among 2 families kot. hihi. nvm.

one of my close friends said, the event is 'really' simple. which i think, sigh simple lah sangat. mother define simple as preparing lunch for my sweetheart family served with nasi putih, chicken soups, meat curry, chap chai, rojak petis (javanese special dish), watermelon fruits and guava juices. the dessert are agar-agar and banana cakes. plus hot tea and kek lapis betawi for tea break o.O"

yup, mother called that as simple, my dear friends! not funny. huhu.

fine, the final part i think the most funniest thing ever is my aunts, uncle and cousins thought a guy who sit next to my father is my sweetheart. omg! how come i forgot to mention that my sweetheart is on duty during CNY holidays. huhu.

luckily mother, father and lil sister have meet him before. until, when his family back, my uncle asked to my father, is that the guy? father said, NO! he's my sweetheart younger brother no. 2. my sweetheart is brother no. 1 :p


p/s: surprise sweetheart, wink.

yours truly,


jooleata said...

cuweeet ajer.. hihi.. neway congrats.. xsabar for your weds plak.. :)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum dear,

thanks ye. wish you all the best k.

psst. mother said my wedding will be a simple event too. seriously, i cant imagine how 'simple' it could be. huhu.