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Monday, February 07, 2011

(new) outdoor photo shoot idea


good morning all.

this morning i would love to start my day with 2 pics of (new) outdoor photo shoot idea in my home town. to be exact, this location is just 5mins from my home sweet home. thank God.

here you are:

the panorama

zoom in

last friday one of my kindy-mates engaged and i joined her outdoor photo shoot session. it was fun cause we (her kindy and primary school mates) are participated too. just imagine, we have known each other since 6 years old and now is 26!!

omg, it's 20 years ord o.O alhamdulillah.

i learn a lot from the photo session. i am glad that i have this blog, where by we (all b2b and ex b2b) share and care millions of info. guess what? i help my friends on how to pose, to remind her to show off her rings, to share how to use props and etc.

i bet you, if i dont have this blog, didnt keep in touch with you all, sure i have zero knowledge too T_T huhu. what ever it is, the photo session was great!

so, let me share why i love this place instead of the location is just 5 mins from my home:

1. it is semi-private place. we need to ask permission from the resident guard to enter this area. the PR of the resident guard was very GOOD. he did remind us to do not littering and swimming at the pond.

2. there is no one else except us. therefore, we can conquer that place. wink. if i am not mistaken that place will be close after 6pm daily.

3. a beautiful place esp for nature lovers. there have 2 ponds, rocks, palm trees and etc. mind you, it is quite hot cause the sunlight spot direct on you esp around 5pm. huhu.

4. a semi-D (if i am not mistaken) background. just creates your own outdoor photo shoot theme. such as cycling at the resident areas, romantic picnic dating, bubble blowing and many more.

i am dreaming to do outdoor photo shoot session here. insya Allah. so, i need to do lot of homework study the theme, pose, props and etc. in fact, this can help my op to fully utilize his/ her services rite? hihhi.

ok, darls. that's all for now.

p/s: the location is in sri gading, batu pahat, down south johore.

yours truly,


LittleSunshine said...

wah sgt cantik view...xpyh nk gi jauh2..dekat je dr rumah =)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum liza,

yup. save time. save cost. i loike! hihi.