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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Feb Mission 2011 is successfully complete


hi readers,

happy chinese new year.

in the name of Allah, i is happy and alhamdulillah. everything is according to our plan. since this is the 1st event in my family, every one look excited and did it very well.

what plan? what event? just follow me and read my whole story, sure you will understand it. ok, before i miss the most important things, better i write for the good sake.

this is note to myself:

1. list and confirm things to do/ what to buy 2~3 days before event.
2. list and brief the menu and the equipments needed. point some one to handle this part.
3. a night before, decide what to wear and get them ready!
4. a night before, settle the decor and stand by the ingredients for cooking (in my case).
5. if you stress, just dont ever think about it much. ignored them.
6. i choose to sleep early, when i stress. huhu.
7. need to wake up early in the morning and pray for the success.
8. drink a lot of water and go poo poo 1st. this is really important to avoid you feel nervous and wanna poo poo 5 mins before the event start T_T
9. get shower early. not 30 mins before the event start.
10. while prepare the foods, work in group. mother always be a leader. wink. (in my case, we did it ourselves; mother, father, lil sis and i. then grandma and uncle's family come for rescue. huhu)
11. dont panic even there are 60 mins left before the event even tho there are lot of things unfinished >__<" chill la. chill ok.
12. what ever happen during the event, just let it be cause we did the best! never stress if things are not according the plan. again, chill ok.
13. enjoy every single moments during the event. smile. happy.
14. what else eh. if any,i will jot it down here.

*additional notes*
1. must having a breakfast.
2. err.. later la.

so, next will be April Mission 2011 and June Mission 2011.

p/s: before i signing off, alhamdulillah and thank you to all! yours truly,


YuNa said...

hahaha poo poo b4 the even start mcm kes nowa sblm nikah je!hahaha funny!! neway all da besh dear!

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum darl.

*__* yup. now, i experienced it. huhu.