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Saturday, January 15, 2011

when one of my dreams come true


hi buddies.

mother and i went to parkson, square one mall this evening. our main target is hunting for small jars similar like in ikea. alaaa.. that one which can fill chocs and sweets for door gifts and etc.

at the 3rd floor, we went around hunting the target. there is no design such in ikea but there have few design which i think.. well not bad lah. the price for 1 average size of a jar (height = approximately 10cm) is RM9.90 before 20% less.

i walk around at the year end promo section and i found o.O :


this is not cap ayam's brand. this is CLAYTAN. please.. dont tell me that you are not familiar with this. fine, if any huhu.. i will help you to solve the puzzle.

claytan is one of top malaysia brand which can be found at jj, parkson, and etc. a high quality ceramic products manufactured in ayer hitam, johor. oohhh..

the size are approximates 15cm (medium) and 25cm (large). there have various of colors and design. THE PRICE ARE BETWEEN RM 3.20 - 4.50/PCS.

my jaws dropped! i rubbed my eyes and slapped my face. is this for real? i is excited cause there have various of designs and colors. its modern style such as in red, green, blue, black, and yellow). simple and the most important thing is not white in color. at last!

based from my survey, i found that few of b2b are using white HEAVY plates. however, mine are *ehem-ehem in color and lighter than others. alhamdulillah.

on top of that, i bought 13pcs of claytan's plates in a part of the gifts to my sweetheart.

so, b2b out there if you all interested with this promotion i am not sure either at jj have this or not. mine, was bought at parkson batu pahat.

p/s: my target is searching plates which is RM7 or lesser. thank you, Allah.

** my current practice besides recites ayat 1000 Dinar is recites surah al-waqiah after subuh prayers purposely for murah rezki. try la. insya Allah, it helps.

*** my internet broadband line is terrible. i am sorry i cant comments your entry or upload pics. sigh the sample is more or less like above pic. mind you, colors are not as bright as up there. err.. its slightly soft and sweet.

yours truly,


cik nurulain said...

i really need to view the images of the plate. sbb next week i dh nk start buat hntaran. my engagement early february. kalau betul mcm i imagine, i try carik kt parkson sini. or jj. klu x, i stick pd yg i dh survey je.

p/s: share lah idea u pnya hntaran. i need guidance..

K.I.N.A said...

happy 4 u dear..mmg murah tu..;)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nurulain,

send me your email address. i am apologized cause i cant upload pics yet since the cable camera is missing. hu3x

assalamualaikum kina,

yes, dear. that's why w/out further due i bought 13pcs. wink.

cik nurulain said...

huhuhu. thanks yah!

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum nurulain,

i cant log to yahoo email rite now due to the broadband line is still terrible. would you mind to email me your hp number at ?

insya Allah will going to mms the pic to you tomorrow.

amy fahmi said...

hai sayahira, boleh share tak gambar tu?kalau macam yang i cari, i nak pergi tengok kat parkson sini..

even i akan kawin lamaaaaaaa lagi, if memang ade offer akan beli terus. susah kot nak cari plate yang berbaloi.

amy fahmi said...

sorry, my email add-


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

that's cheap dear. idea untuk my hantaran, memang tak pikir lagi nie. hehehe...