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Friday, January 14, 2011

green light


hi girls. eh. i found a boy read this blog too. or maybe he just blog walking. any way, thanks!

err. remember this entry? a real sad story which is touched us. i am sorry dear. i dont mean it to make you burst out tears too. i share because i care. well, i was crying too actually..

ok, change topic.

ignored my pipi labuh. i was 48kilos in 2008! now, successfully 44kilos *smug

err.. i think there's been ages i didnt update about my life as a soldier's gf. yeah.. before this i did write 1 or 2 stories. indeed there's nothing much like before. he is always busy.

you know, he did telling me not to blog much about his job. i understand it, SIR. ngee.. but, i am still can write about my experiences as a soldier's gf rite? wink.

i just realized that, i love talking crap. no points. hu hu.

let me straight to the point, the title green light is meaning that:

" abg punya hantaran dah ada orang nak sponsor"

he is rarely speaking about this. the last point that i manage to re-call is he gave me permissions to start listing and planning the engagement day. and buying the gifts.

at last, he did it. he just confirm that someone will going to sponsor for his side excluded 3 things that have been bought ( a pair of telekung, a pair of baju kurung and a designer handbag) .

alhamdulillah. murah rezki.

p/s: my auntie and cousin will going to engage and marry this year. and i need to book the date! hurry!!

yours truly,


mrs leona faye said...

hai syahira...tq comment kat my blog...samalah dgn my bf...dia tak nak i cerita lebih2 psl his job, so sbb tu kena keep my identity for a while hihihi...but nice reading ur entries abt soldier's gf! hope u pon tabah kay??? maybe u can gv me more tips sbb u dah lam kwn dgn..:-)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum faye,

my pleasure, to meet you here. insya Allah will going to share and care my experiences here.

alhamdulillah, within couple of days ahead, we are going 3 years together. fuhh!

thousand of years to go. i wish that we will happily ever after. amin

p/s: i pray the best for both of you.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

dear, cepat2 cari tarikh. hehehe...