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Monday, January 17, 2011

mini dais with frames decor idea


good morning dear.

i am still browsing for diy mini dais idea this morning. true amy, i was so rambang mata and cant imagine what will happen if i was hunting them. sure cant decide what to buy cause all of design are nice. haha.

and w/out talking much, i would love to share few of ideas which i think this would be practical and unique idea for mini dais. as well as it still looks proper for the upacara sarung cincin and cam whoring with family and friends.

check this out, mini dais with frames decor:

urm.. some may said, what is this? this is not mini dais. fine, let me share you the idea. basically, the idea is just decor your plain wall by hang on frames or mirrors. allocate your sofa at the center with (optional) table lamp/ flowers decor at the left and right.

and finish!

insya Allah, you will save a lot. since my spot is at the window that's why i search for curtains decor idea. wink.

p/s: i need to measure the existing curtains to buy materials for new pairs. now, i am looking for something pink - yellow - gold - silver - black elements. cant imagine? well, stay tune.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

that's would be nice dear. untk nampak macam mini dais, letak flowers deco for both side.

cik nurulain said...

stick to simplicity. i rs u just pasang curtain baru and kalau nak lagi naik seri gantung pomander ball. pilih la bunga yang u suka. guna artificial je. :) good luck hunting for simple mini dais design.

K.I.N.A said...

nice idea babe..;)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum amy,

thanks for the idea!

assalamualaikum nurulain,

curtain is the main element of cause. wink.

assalamualaikum kina,

alhamdulillah, i share because i care.