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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

different shapes and colors


hi b2b, ex b2b and silent readers.

sorry, i am quite busy today. currently was packing my stuffs and in 1,2 hours later will driving to shah alam. tomorrow i have an appointment with my dentist.

i will feel guilty if i left this blog without anything to share. last night i google some pics of plates as a part of the gifts idea. ok, it's my gifts idea.

no secret anymore. i will using plates as part of my gifts to my sweetheart. since my budget is tight, i did try my best to survey the price. some goes too much from my budget and some is ok, still acceptable.

here are some different shapes and colors of plates for my review:

where by the price is various depends on the shop. i just cant take my eyes away for the last piece cause one of b2b bought this with *if i am not mistaken just RM 2.90 kot. damn cheap!

her luck is it. my luck is i just found RM4.50/pc T_T still within my budget. no regret.

p/s: i have one promo to be out. stay tune.

yours truly,


Ciksue said...

kita berkenan plate yg kedua,
murah tu..beli kat mana yea??
aduhai,nak kena cari ni

mrs leona faye said...

i pernah pikir idea yang sama...sebab boleh recycle & guna sbg perkakas rumah lepas kahwin :-)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum ciksue,

sorry dear. all pic are from google. if i am not mistaken, it was from cik belle's collection. excuse me, if i am wrong.

assalamualaikum faye,

i am looking for practical and economic ideas. wink.