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Thursday, January 13, 2011

free consultations, meet your new designer *ehem


hi, i am your new designer. interested to seek for free consultations? dare to deal with me? just kidding! i am not qualified for this la. huhu

well, i still browsing on curtains, curtains idea, curtains idea for living room and curtains for 3 panels. yesss, the whole day i am work for it. collecting as much info as possible to present to mother which design is the best. i mean, easy for her to sew. nge.

there are few designs and colors randomly upload from google:

not because of i obsessed with pink, i will choose this. crazy. i am afraid, none can recognize me when i sit in front of it. huhu. where is syahira? where is syahira?

rich. elegant. still.. no no no. even tho i like the idea of pillows at your left hand side, still the color is too dark for my small living room. no, thanks.

not bad. still look rich and elegant. i think because of the wall is white it give us another impression. wahh! cant believe la i was saying this. haha. i heart the fabrics.

simple. i like the pillow case. but, the curtain is white. NO. next..

sweet and simple. NO.

i can say that i like the design. simple. however, 'tolong ingatkan aku...' my window has 3 panels. so. err.. i think, no. NEXT..

i cant think other than at the cinema curtains. haha. pink-red. err.. i am not sure. the design is still acceptable. not too difficult. wink.

scallop curtains. is this beige in color? have i told you mother did sews scallop curtains for my house. from sliding door to 5 x 3 panels! *gigih tak?

nice. but not suitable for 3 panels esp that thingy at the top. next..

eh. finish ord?

p/s: see you next time k. i want to browse more curtains design. ba-bai..

yours truly,


R-YuzSha said...

wah banyaknyer curtain... sha ske scallop curtain tue... tapi mesti banyak pakai kain kan? Nak jahit pun agak susahla kot berbanding dengan yang biasa.. semoga dapat memilih curtain yang terbaik yer..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

sabar je lah. seharian kah semalam mencari curtain sahaja. nih baru google belum betul2 g carik kat kedai. baru lah betul2 rambang mata. LOL....

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sha,

thanks dear. i am lucky cause mother will sewing them. she talented in sewing scallop curtains. wink.

assalamualaikum amy,

haha. it's true!