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Thursday, January 13, 2011

i will sew my own curtains.

definitely NOT lah!


hello there.

i am sorry girls. i have no talent in sewing curtains. just forget it! haha. do you still remember that i will going to diy my mini dais with mother? curtain is the main element of my dream mini dais cause my spot is at the window. nge..

so, yesterday i was google-ing for curtains designs and fabrics. its quite hard to satisfy my high taste (err.. please lah! T_T ). no. no. i am just fussy.. i believes, b2b or ex b2b will be fussy when you guys are talking about this. tell me? tell me? is this true?


so far, i think this is the most easiest design to sew kot. i wish mother will agree cause she will sew this for me. mind you, mother sews curtains for my house. she's super great mother! *wink

enjoy pics 1st:

anyway, many thanks to elya cause she 'tolong ingatkan aku..' to not over spend for this. dont worry dear, those curtains will be hang on my wedding bedroom. insya Allah. i agree with her cause yeah.. i just sit at the mini dais not more than 1/2 hour, cam whoring with family and friends, that's it!

no offenses eh. i just want to stick with rule no 1# dont over spend now cause there are very long list to go. thank you. ehem..

i am very proud with sara, syima and eira (just name it 2,3 b2b) cause they diy their engagement mini dais. good job, girls! insya Allah, mother and i will try my best to decor it too.

regarding on pics above, i am still not finalize yet what, where and which fabrics shall i used. i just love the damask design. i was planning to hunt those materials either at jakel or nagoya.

however, i am still confuse what color combo are suitable for my curtain? anybody please.. amy, miss designer would you mind to suggest? fyi, i will wearing pink outfits. of cause i dont let my guest confuse between me and curtains. huhu.

ok, stop complaining. let my lovely readers do the judge. girls, help me k. hugs you, all. thanks.

p/s: excuse if i was so gedik in this entry. huhu.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

owhh dear, it's better to get a plain curtain. tp if nak jugak damask curtain, u just put it on the frame. mcm ala2 mcm feature wall je sudah. not so heavy. but give me ur roughly idea, nanti i suggestkan skit2 dua. ;)

white purple flower said...

agree with mizzamy..patterned one is nice but takut pengantin nampak tenggelam.i did my engagement dais myself with a plain curtain and my house curtains are patterned by chance.i took photos in front of both curtains and gambar i better yg kat dais tu.i think plain curtain buat i lebih outstanding.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

thanks dear for your advices. i am really appreciate it! hehe..

assalamualaikum white purple flower,

i am excited to see your curtains buddy. will going to visit you very soon. anyway, thanks for visit me here and respond. *hugs.