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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

the flower guru magic touches


hi buddies.

in past few days, i was looking for mini pelamin ideas (again). since mother was rejected my idea and i stick with my plan to diy so i google for ideas.

based from my findings:

mostly are done by professional. i am speechless! i believes that there must be spend with lot of money. ouh i wish i plant a money tree. haha..

and, this entry i would love to share this fresh flowers deco for all gorgeous pelamin below who done by flower guru, mr. razak ahmad.

i presenting you..

among 6 pelamins above, i love the pelamin no.3 esp for diy project. much easier. just in case, i might need ton of flowers in order to create pomander balls in shelves.

the deco look simple yet unique. i like.

enough on day dreaming, let's take a look what my darl send me in facebook message. she suggested me to diy like this:

since my engagement outfit is in the same tone with a lady up there, i think this color combo of the mini pelamin are nice, soft and sweet. noted.

next, will going to update my year end check list.

thank god i still have lot of time to prepare. what if the engagement will be held in around of corner, i will scream loudly and turn the panic button on! huhu.

till now. thnxbye.

p/s: excuse me, any idea what is the user friendly software to do sketch works for beginners? amy.. you should answer this 1st. wink.

yours truly,


anaztasias aira said...

dear. ,miss sue pun diy pelamin adik dia guna byk bunga. gud luck yea =)

elle's laaa~ said...

hye syiera !! blh kan pggil syiera?? hehe...

emm, cantek nye pelamin2 kt atas tuu.. geram!

K.I.N.A said...

omg..suke sgt yg 1st tu..arap ad duit la terbang dr langit kl nk cmtu..aha

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nora,

miss sue. you mean ciksuchomel? i read her blog too. she likes to diy. impressed!

assalamualaikum elle,

sure, why not? hihi.. i bet you, all pelamin must be expensive. well, its worth it la kan?

assalamualaikum kina,

if i am not mistaken, the 1st one is marion's pelamin right?