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Tuesday, January 04, 2011



hello buddies.

my name is syahira, b2b from down south johor proud to be 26 years young (in 2011). in couple of months ahead (insya Allah), my sweetheart and i are planning to tie the knot. we (officially) have been together since january 19, 2008.

we are counting days to january 19, 2011 as to celebrate our 3 years anniversary. the best friends forever anniversary. cause we never declared as a gf/bf and no specific date for us except january 19.

my sweetheart and i have been written up there met each others since we were 18 years young (on 2003). we never realized that we were in the same tutorial class, sport house, perform in unga (united nation general assembly) where by we represented as australia country, went to thailand for study trip and last but not least (the sweetest moment ever) is we did shoot a group of 5 photo. *wink.

down memory lane in matriculation college, 2004.

from time to time i would love to share the journey to tie the knot; my dream, brainstorming session, planning and collecting info, arguments and conflicts, hunting and surveying, diy projects, trip to bandung and etc all are related to engagement and wedding ceremony.

this blog is my virtual diary; a platform for me to jot down the bitter and sweet moments along the journey, sharing and caring with beautiful b2b and ex b2b out there, as well as a secret place for me to write about my wonderful experiences as a soldier's bff.

just to make it short, i hope this good willings will shower by joys and happiness and the journey will sailing smoothly (insya Allah). amin..

p/s: i love you.

* updated from 1st draft, september 5 2010.
* fyi, i will going to upgrade links on this blog and feel sorry if there are things are not organized yet. thank you.

yours truly,


Sueweeets said...

salam syahira..

mmg best la combination pink + orange.. sbb its one of my choices of themes gak. bright & happy colors kan??

share2 tips n ideas, k hun.. imma newbie as well.. ;)

selamat bloggin'!

(p/s - found ur blog here kat miss X punye blog *wink2*)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sueweeets,

thanks for visiting my new blog.
it just a beginning, dear. fill free to visit me experimenting with those colors. *wink

::m!SS edURA hanUM:: said...

i like orange and pink also..

cik nurulain said...

congratez on ur anniversarry. hahaha actually most of us tak ada tarikh anni yg specific. well love just happens kan? mana ingat bila bermula. hehehe cheesy lah plak.

cik syahira said...

^___^ thanks edura and nurulain.