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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

9 months and 1 day


hello ladies.

alhamdulillah.. i have been survived as a true soldier's girlfriend in 9 months and 1 day. living as a soldier's girlfriend is not easy. they are full with challenges, drama, bitter and sweet memories.

its hard to explain it here.

actually, we have been falling in love at the very 1st sight since january 2008. i never counting the moment we are in the matriculation college last 2003/2004 cause we didnt get to know each others closer yet.

back to january 2008, he was a cadet officer. meaning that, he still under military training. the challenges as a cadet officer's girlfriend is nothing. i can said that it such a tutorial for me to get to know about soldier's life.

i learn new things and approaches. alhamdulillah.. i adapted them very well. i become more understanding and independent.

over 2 years as a cadet officer's girlfriend, i think that i am strong enough/ mentally prepared to sail this journey with/without him in my side. unfortunately, i am totally wrong cause..

last 9 months, when he transferred to mentakab camp as a young officer and started the true soldier's challenges i was mentally down. it's too hard for me.

as i mention in previous-previous entries, almost 2 weeks we were lost contact. i am nearly lost my mind. i cried almost every day waiting for him. i am worried of his conditions. i am afraid of losing him.

still, i am grateful my family, friends and his family esp his mother always support and calm me down. at least, i know that i am not alone. yeah, i am lucky..

in past 9 months, there are lots lots lots of bitter and sweet memories.

alhamdulillah, today in 9 months and 1 day i am glad that our love to each others are grown stronger. well, i write this not because of he will be reading this. NO. in fact, he dont know about this blog.

sometimes, i am afraid if he could be change. but, he still my sweetheart that i know 3 years back. i hope in next 3,6,9 and more years ahead he still the same my sweetheart that i know back to 2008.

ya Allah, i am praying hard to shower us with joys and happiness, loving couples till death and after (insya Allah) amin.

urm.. less than 3 weeks ahead we will celebrating our 3 years anni as a best friends forever. yeay! thank you, Allah.

p/s: less than 2 weeks he will going to the next military training at kuantan. i wish to visit him at kuantan. say hi 1st to kuantan b2b.. wink.

yours truly,

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