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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

i is insomnia because of this!


hi there. mind you, this is quite long entry. no pics.

just now i feel bad. headaches. i just wake up in couple of hours ago. urm.. around 10 i received a phone call, answered and cont my sleep. then i wake up around 12! gosh.

seriously.. i headaches now. i cant even think what to write or what to share. sorry..

this is because:

yesterday i have another discussion with mother. about the diy mini pelamin. she accepted my idea (at the very 1st time) when i share about the bench idea. alhamdulillah.

she let me settle the bench, artificial flowers at the left-right sides will be deco by us (mother and i), the curtain backdrop will be settle by mother cause she will sewing them and that's it.

another prob raised now is father just buy few furniture and allocate them exactly at my spot! sigh. if only i can talk to him but.. forget it!

i started headaches.. shall i talk to him or change the spot?

another thing that makes me insomnia last night is:


as usual, she asked me about the date. some b2b who are following my story probably knows that we did not confirm the date yet due to uncertainties. i understand mother will going to book the caterer cause she settle that part.

again. it's complicated.

i dont blame my sweetheart cause the time constrain. ya Allah, please make this easy for us. currently i trapped in 2 situations. mother and sweetheart. i understand both very well. T_T

however, i cant believe when mother asked, did sweetheart have another gf? i laughed and said no. he was busy. like usual. i cant blame mother too cause she dont have this kind of experience. she no nothing about military life.

i text my sweetheart and inform him we need to discuss.

personally, i dislike pushing/ forcing him. cause i understand him well. he needs time. he just transferred of cause mountain of working loads waiting for him. he went for out station and military training. i understand, he is busy.

in fact he dont have time to treat himself, how do he can be flirting out there. sigh.

ya Allah, is this another test for me. for us. T_T

last night, my sweetheart called me and i explained him everything. he afraid to promise me anything but he said will going to do the best for us. insya Allah in coming couple of month. hope this time, its work la.

guys.. please pray the best for us too, k.

last night, after the conversation end i cant sleep. i've tried to search how to settle the prob. i cant be like this. i need to work!

p/s: still looking for job vacant esp in construction field.

yours truly,


Scha mimie said...

hi, syahira..everything will be okay soon..
wish u get what u want..aminnnn...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

dear, i'll alwiz pray for ur best. insya-Allah, sampai masanya akan bertunang jugak. ;)

btw, my opis need Q.S. kalo u bidang Q.S, let me know. ;)

Lala said...

wish u all the best!

save the date!

Syima Syaz said...

Itu semua dugaan dear... but trust me, once u dah ada date...everything will be ok and smooth! insyaallah...i know exactly how it feel sebab i pernah rasa b4 ni.

discuss with ur mom and kalau boleh ajak ur bf datang dan discuss face-to-face wth ur parents k...goodluck dear...

*jangan beratkan sangat k..insyaallah ada rezeki tu*

cik nurulain said...

bila nk buat bnda elok mmg byk halangan. sbr byk2 eh. mak ayah adalah antara halangan bsr. ms ni lah kita diuji.

u org jhr kan? construction bidang apa? cuba u search kat johor corp under johor land or technopark (TPM) sebab adik i keje under TPM dia kata antara johorland or TPM ada jawatan kosong.

rose said...

setiap pasangan mesti ada dugaan masing2..bezanya mampu atau tak mengharungi..tapi yg pasti kamu kene kuat k!

semoga semuanya berjalan lancar.. =)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum mimie,

amin.. u2 buddy, thanks eh.

assalamualaikum amy,

different people face different test, right? let's praying hard the best for us too.

assalamualaikum lala.

thanks dear. ok, noted.

assalamualaikum syima,

how i wish we all can face to face. since he is a soldier, its getting harder for us to take some time to talk about this cause his time is packed.

well, i just let his side settle about this and my family will always welcome them anytime. insya Allah.

assalamualaikum nurulain,

thanks dear. ok noted.

assalamualaikum rose,

i am praying hard to be stronger. amin.

p/s: guys, thanks for your responds. hugs you all!