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Thursday, February 10, 2011

engagement checklist 2011

disclaimer: this entry will be update from time to time until June Mission 2010 complete.


hi readers. i am back (again) for 2nd time this week. which mean, there is something new to share. in order to make things easier to read and understand, in every changes/ additional info i will update them by using different color.

did you get my point? 1st time checklist is black, 2nd amendment is red and the latest amendment is blue. ready..

and here you are:

date: confirm, 11.06.11
time: morning session
venue: my home sweet home, down south Jhr
theme: our all time fav, pink and orange.

1. the engagement outfits.

alhamdulillah, from top to toe have done successfully except hand bouquet.

i was thinking that red fresh/ artificial flowers will be my hand bouquet. in addition, i would consider pearls (refer above pic) or ferrero roche chocs (refer kina's blog) as my part of hand bouquet.

ribbon and pin to tie the hand bouquet!

2. the mini dais.

i spot the location ord. mother was agree with that and interested to join me diy the mini dais. currently we are still looking for the best design which are simple, economic and practical.

so far i was thinking for items that must be in the list are:

- curtains

mother and i still not finalized the design and colors combo yet. one thing that has been confirm is mother will diy them. i requested mother to diy for 2 windows cause in future can recycle them for my wedding bed room. wink.

- cushions

i love the idea of diy mini cushions on my mini dais. it's too cute to resist! in fact, those mini cushions will be recycle for my wedding bed room (again). double wink.

- high vases

the truth is i plan to recycle mother's high vases and need to do something on them. there are 2 different design with the same high. i was thinking that i need plain satin to cover them =___="

- artificial flowers

actually, mother has bought 1 bouquet of orchids artificial flowers in high vase. there are 14 sticks of them decor with rattans. nice. what i need to do is buy another 14 sticks and rattans, decor in mother's high vase. simple is it.

3. the gifts deco and etc.

my sweetheart has agree to exchange 7-9 gifts during the engagement day. these are 9 gifts for him:

- a sirih junjung
- a chocolate moist or chocolate indulgences
- a few jar of sweet and chocs
- a basket of pastry tart
- sponsor by Feb Mission 2011 supplier
- a pair of baju melayu and buttons
- a handmade songket
- a pair of shirt and pant
- a set of belt and wallet.

so far i have bought his baju melayu, buttons, songket, belt and wallet.

the rest such as his pair of shirt and pant will be buy after i am working. currently, i still jobless. all those food, will going to buy 2 days before the event. hihi.

i need to buy 2-3 different sizes of jars for sweets and chocs.

for the deco thingy, mother and i will having another diy projects. she bought 15pcs of alas dulang and 9 artificial flowers. i need a glue gun, gypsophila, ribbons, beads, pearls and etc.

in addition, i need to buy white/ cream artificial flowers in medium sizes to decor with the rest.

mother said, will see what can we recycle form aunt no. 9's engagement this coming apr. wink. great idea to cut the cost! ngeee~~~~~

still remember about my white plate idea? insya Allah, we will going to work for it.

current updates, mother and i bought 13 pcs of plates ord. thank you.

4. the foods.

mother said, nasi jagung:

- nasi jagung
- ayam masak merah
- dalca
- fruits
- juices
- some desserts

i want nasi ambang and dadih. sigh.

father finalized the menu:

- nasi beriani
- daging beriani
- ayam goreng berempah
- dalca
- jelatah timun nenas
- fruits
- air katira the best in Jhr!
- desserts

5. the door gifts.

mother said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. so, its apples. so, i need ribbons and cute plastic wraps.

mother suggested to buy goodie bags to fill surah yassin, tasbih, dates and raisins for vip cause during my engagement day she just arrive from mecca for umrah.

apple or orange will be part of the door gift too.

6. the make up artist.

* i am still not finalize it.

i have few choices. but hurm.. will discuss about this later.

7. the official photographer and cinematographer.

insya Allah, the official photographer is the same person who work with me for my graduation day photo shoot. err.. i would like to ask his gf to shoot some video for me and my lil sis and her friends will going to edit them.

i was thinking to cooperate with the same team due to ease for me to catch them! haha.

8. outdoor photo shoot props.

- a novel
- an umbrella

9. buffet set, tables and chairs.

fully in charge by father and mother.

p/s: * refer to the date and availability of them.

p/s/s: anyone can imagine how simple my event could be? most of them are mother's idea who want 'simple' event for me.

p/s/s/s: notice that i highlight something. well, this is my very 1st time heard that father interested to join us for the discussion. sounds great! he was actually excited too!! wink.


yours truly,


Syima Syaz said...

=).. goodluck...
hari tu pun buat diy mini dais tapi simple je..spend lebih kat bunga...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

seronoknya... i plak excited terlebih nie. happy preparing ur e-day dear. ;)

ElyaElmo said...

mini dais wat simple2 jee yangg...nk duduk kejap jee..
takyah bazir2..hehe

luvira said...

gud luck dear...hehehe, tetibe teringat masa my preparation e day..sangat penat, tapi hasilnya, sangat seronok ;)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum syima,

thanks dear. i might be used artificial flowers for the hand bouquet. must buy the good quality one la. hihi..

assalamualaikum amy,

thanks dear for your support! i am really appreciate it. wink.

assalamualaikum elya,

ok, dear. noted! haha. will spend it wisely. insya Allah.

assalamualaikum eira,

you diy your mini dais rite? wish me best of luck, k. hihi..

intan said...

hai dear. selamat membuat preparation. yg penting jgn stress ya!

PINK garage said...

hye.. jalan2 tengok hantaran dan barang kahwin di PINK garage jom.. :)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum intan,

thanks dear. breath in, breath out. ok, say NO to stress. wink.

assalamualaikum PINK garage,

thanks dear for this info. will visit you very soon.