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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

where to find orange flowers?


hello there.

i just arrived safely at my 1st destination. for those who following my twitter surely knows where am i. haha.. there's been no secret between us after all. fine.

know what, while i was driving just now, i was thinking about the flowers arrangement for the hantarans deco. we have been agree that hantarans theme for him is orange meanwhile hantarans theme for me is pink. ok.

then, based from my review and survey there are not easy to search artificial flowers ( yes, no budget for fresh flowers hu3x) in orange color. hurm.. there are plenty of peach which is out of his taste. no offenses here.

basically, the colors are referring to our fav. seriously, sound unfair if i am using peach flowers.

previously i found peach, striking orange (gulp) and dark orange which mother has rejected all of them. sigh. ohh! however, in my house there are orange artificial flowers which i may think ok for the hantarans theme.

the thing is, i cant use that flowers la of cause. mother will killing me! haha. so, where to find them. there are not so orange and not so yellow. the color is soft and fresh (i think).

let's pray that there are easily to find with affordable price. ka-ching!

yours truly,


nYomeL said...

mmg susah sket nak cari bunga kaler orange kan?
sunflower xleh ke? ade unsur2 orange jugak kann..?? kalo xbape nak masuk, guna riben kaler orange.. mesti blend dgn bunga tu.. ;)

K.I.N.A said...

dekat cowboy ada kot..tapi tu kuantan la..kalau KL dah try cari dekat semua house ke..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

syira, u guna bunga gerbera orange. mmg sweet....

YuNa said...

winkk... cuba tengok kat Romantika HOme Deco! bunga cantik2 dari nilai 3.. :)bunga2 die cantik..