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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the hantarans deco : white plates. NOT


hello there.

this evening i went to jusco for a window shopping. i found 2things that catches my eyes; red cleef handbag (handbag again!) and a pair of peach tomo shoes. i bet you, the design is cute.

it's kind of frustrating cause i need to close my eyes and pretend that i dont need them. now.. i fails to forget it! sob. since i bought handbag ord, so it was ok. but, i cant deny that i really want that shoes.

the shoes is flat which is not my taste however it is comfortable and really cute with a ribbon on top of it T_T i really want it.. i really want it..

ok, enough..

then, i went to kitchen department to take a look for ceramic and melamine plates for the hantarans deco. i know, the price is expensive esp for ceramics. well, purposely i just survey the design and price tag (=

the price is not the issue now. the main issue here is:

ceramic plate is heavy. i hold it and yesss, it is heavy.

i was thinking that white plates or any ceramic thingy are not suitable for me. in my opinion, there are not really efficiency used such as heavy, fragile and a bit expensive. hu3x.

since mother has rejected the idea of melamine plates, therefor no plates idea at all >_<"

p/s: so, what else? will sharing caring my idea later..

yours truly,

1 comment:

.::DinCma::. said...

its ok dear..
try yg lain yg lebih sesuai buat kamu n ur mom k..

i have tag for u..
mai singgah blog;-)