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Thursday, December 23, 2010

1 or 2 strange things in year end


morning girls,

8 days to go before new year 2011. so, what is your 2011 resolutions? before i share my 2011 resolutions, i have 1 or 2 strange things occurred every end of year. i am not sure why but this usually happens on me.

ok, like this. every end of year like just now i will going to revamp my closet, buy new stuffs and love to smell brand new items.

for an instance, i will going to buy new handbag and purse, shoes, clothes and pants, lingerie, toiletries stuffs, change my style or hair cut and etc.

things gonna be insane when i started to search all those thingy with pink color. i maybe a fashion victim. hu3x..

sometimes, it was very expensive for an instance, a shocking pink leather handbag at carlo rino cost me nearly Rm600. then, a stylish pink organizer cost me Rm100. fine. i might be broke in a second!

recently, i was aiming for blackberry or iphone because of the internet access. since i was a celcom loyal customer, the best choice is go for blackberry..

however, when i have a chance to play around with my friend's blackberry i found that it was not suit with me cause i cant bear online with a small screen, small keyboard (sorry, i dont know what to call it).

now, i just looking for a cheap handphone which must have basic requirement such as sms, call in and out, wider screen, 3G <-important, no gprs, good camera, good sound system and that's it.

then, i was dreaming to buy new laptop which is smaller then my old hyundai and pink in color. but, there is no budget yet cause i will going to spend my money to April Mission 2011. since my old hyundai is still ok so i decide to format it and install new games. ha3x.

i like to smell brand new items in my room. i wish to let go everything and buy all new one. actually, there are lot of my old clothes, shoes urm.. what else accessories, stuffs, etc etc that need to be pack and send it out.

i have about a week to clear up my messy room and change it to 'welcome 2011. this is your new comfy place 26 year young lady!' haha.. urm.. 26. nice number. good bye 25. i will going to miss you.

syahira will turn 26 in 2011. so, i will going to google for what's new things shall be nice on me. yeah.. it's a new style. i am not change it much. still planning to add on cute stuffs, muslimah style of cause and pink is forever!

i just love when peeps out there cant believe that i am 26 soon. ha3x.

p/s: 2011 resolutions will be next.

yours truly,


amy fahmi said...

dear cik syahira,

if u don't mind, where did u bought the stylish pink organizer? errrr, i need it too.. :D

Zana De Touch said...

umo kita same..hehhehe

gud luck dear! :)


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

nih lagi dasyat nih, siap nak semua pink. hahaha... let's join me go shopping clothes. ;)