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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 resolutions


dear myself..

i am proud to enter 26 years young and grateful living with my family, loving by my sweetheart, having bff, buddies and readers. thank you, Allah.

i never regret with my past and stay positive to strive the best for my future. i never declined that year 2010 is one of the toughest year for me. it was a try and error, gamble to change my career, challenges journey and yeah.. it's painful too.

well.. i never regret. in fact, i am proud of myself cause i managed to go through this journey.

so, in order to build strengthen and improve myself as a muslimah, daughter, his future wife and buddy i hereby create guidelines for myself..

this are 2011 resolutions that i must not forget. let start with a simple rules in life:

. drink lot of plain water
. eat fruits before taking heavy meals not after heavy meals
. less fast foods
. avoid cold drinks, ice cream, ice cubes
. avoid carbonated drinks
. must not eat-drink-eat drink during taking heavy meals
. try to cook at least once or twice a week, more points will be given if i cook more haha!

. strong discipline using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer every morning
. must applying night cream before off to bed
. must finish all perfumes, shower gels, soups, body butter and body lotion before buying new items
. not to forget applying scrubs once a week or twice a month cause i used to skip this before

. sleep and wake up early to get enough bedtime
. be a responsible muslimah; pray 5 times/ day, style covered and monday or thrusday fasting (insya Allah)
. recite at least 2 pages al-quran/ day and try to khatam al-quran in 2011
. remember Allah more than i did in 2010
. listening more than speaking

. increase pink collections in wardrobe, dressing table, drawer, car and etc
. find a new job cause i am jobless!
. taking care my car more than i did in 2010
. saving more
. spend wisely

. get ready for APRIL MISSION 2011

p/s: insya Allah, more reminders will be update later.

yours truly,


twentytujuheleven said...

hai..macam menu untuk orang diet je..

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum izwa,

ahhaha. sort of la. well, when we are grow elder please not to forget to take care for our health and pocket wealth. wink.