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Monday, December 27, 2010

something about the mini pelamin thingy


hi buddies. good morning!

i am back! with an idea for my mini pelamin..

mother and i just discussing about the diy mini pelamin for my engagement day. we agree to allocate it at our 2nd living room which is separated from our 1st living room area where by the discussion suppose will be held there.

there are several things that have been determined and will be included in my simple diy mini pelamin:

1- 2 different colors of curtain
2- 2-4 crystal clear glasses
3- artificial flowers
4- cushions or small bench
5- crystal chains

i think that's all for the preparation thingy and let's take a look, mix and match ideas from the professionals. hihi..

i like the color combination of the curtains. there are using 3 different colors; white or cream is a basic for the background. i think, this is very safe. then, there are using my fav color: PINK. i just love when they are combining 2 tones of pink and create a WOW look! simple yet lovely.

hey.. can you spot the crystal clear glasses? i have seen this anywhere and i am falling in love with them. i think they are using fresh flowers, that's why pink water is there. it's vital to ensure flowers stay fresh during the big day.

well, i am still wondering either using water or else cause i will using artificial flowers. urm.. maybe water is not suitable than should be consider other thingy..

what are cheap materials that suitable to replace that pink water?


without no doubt, i really like this curtain. i mean the soft color and the design. sweet and simple. in fact, the round cushion look nice too.

why la so many sweet like sugar thingy on this earth? i cant make any decisions la.

so far, i have 1 or 2 colors in my mind. but not finalized yet. will going to jakel near by and hunting for curtains (insya Allah).

p/s: cheap doesnt mean that it is low quality. expensive doesnt mean that it is good enough. wink.

yours truly,