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Saturday, December 11, 2010

mother changed her mind


good evening buddies.

i have something to share here. this is about the hantarans deco idea. mother and i discussed about it this morning. previously she agree with the white plates idea and now..

she said she likes the silver trays idea. are you kidding me, mother?


i think this will be expensive. in fact, she insisted to BUY not to RENT the silver trays T_T hurm. sounds difficult there. we will going to survey the price 1st and if this is out of my tight budget, i will going to advice her.

besides, spending money out of my budget is against my plan. there are lot of things to consider and hello.. i just dream a simple yet meaningful engagement day PLUS create from a simple looks to extravagant.

there are different between:

i dream the extravagant engagement day


i dream simple but looks extravagant engagement day

both two phrases are totally different due to how i spend my money to buy those materials v_v


she volunteers to do this:


i have told her that i plan to put them in a bowl or jar. much more simple and ease to deco. however, she interested to do such deco like that.

besides, by keeping them in a jar or bowl there will store safer. haha. trust me. every one will interested with them and i am afraid at the end of the day those deco will no longer there.

oh, mother..

p/s: mother excited to deco everything. she's an art student. diy is her passion. fine.

yours truly,


ElyaElmo said... pink nmpak cantik. Pasti nampak wow!!!! HOT pink ka?

Firdani said...

semangatnye ur mom..
bgus la macam 2..
klu die nak tolong buat..
tp die nak sponsor tak?hehe
klu ur mom nak sponsor,
pe slahnye klu gubah bagi lagi cantik..:)

Cik Belle said...

ada silver tray yang murah which cost u only rm9.90 each. tapi ada yang mahal which can cost u more than rm100+..

but, i got mine for rm11++ after 70% disc. hope u find urs. =) happy hunting!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum elya,

i hope it will turn WOW! wink. fyi, i will using baby pink and shocking/ hot pink. insya Allah.

assalamualaikum firdani,

let's pray for her kindness. i wish she will sponsor me. my pleasure.. haha.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum cik belle,

thank you so much dear. at least, i have something to refer to. i kindly appreciates you, buddy. roger and out!

Anonymous said...

kat area rumah saya pun around rm 13-15 per tray... :)