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Friday, December 10, 2010

i am afraid


good morning ladies.

i would like to ask you several questions.

does anyone in your family knows that you are blogging about your engagement/ wedding? how you reacts, eh?

honestly, no body knows that i am blogging about 'this' including my sweetheart. well, this is my biggest secret ever. so, shuuuu.. *wink.

i have been blog about 'this' since couple of months ago. it started with just for fun. yes, for fun! i keep all memories on journey to my big day here. i writes before the memories faded.

then, i met new friends here and kindly appreciates every single comments and visitors in this blog. i never expected with this positive feedback. in fact, my unique visitors increased tremendously. thank you so much my lovely readers. alhamdulillah.

stand still, i keep this as the biggest secret against my family and his family. i am afraid if one of them read 'this'. i really hope that no body find me here. well, i am shy.

it's like weird sharing 'this' with them. i do prefer to write it here and share with my lovely readers. haha. i just stay low profile in front of anyone but actively writing here. wink.

see you in my next entry. this is just my personal thought. not much than that.

have a great friday all.

p/s: i love you.

yours truly,

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