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Sunday, December 12, 2010

common senses : about the outfits *edit


have a great day buddies.

1st of all, i would like to say sorry to my readers cause this entry is quite sensitive. i am afraid if some of you doesnt like this. but this is what i ever seen today. open your eyes and look what others have done..

fine, if you dont have any clues what i was talking about, here you are:

i am discussing about the outfits during the engagement/ wedding ceremony. what's going on?

let me share what i observed so far and i advice to myself too, not to repeat the same mistakes as they are.. ehem.. please excuse me..

1. fashion is subjective. there are lot of ideas published in the magazines, web sites and etc. as a b2b, i am agree that we are excited with those trendy and up to date fashion! such as ruffles, patchworks, heavy beaded, ............... (fill in the blank).

i am not the right person to advice about those fashion thingy however i like to advice here that never been fashion victims! mix and match idea sometimes turn your idea looks awesome or ah-duh..

i think instead of you should become pretty on your big day end up we as the guest looks you as fuh-ney.. just imagine, you take the risk and experiment it on your big day finally it turn ................ (kindly fill in the blank).

well, i am not saying that this is right or this is wrong. as a b2b, we need to survey and study the idea 1st. analyze either it is suitable or not, consider it in several factors, ask opinions and guidance from the experts.

size doesnt matter. how you dress or choose the design are the matter.

2. i think few of b2b not really understand about the concept of wearing a hijab. it's a frustration looking at them when they are wearing a hijab but at the same time here and there are open to public.

i mean.. you are wearing a hijab then you shown of part of your chess, hands or legs. hello.. what kind of fashion that you are trying to show? sigh.

it's weird. please dont make it worst. i am sad.. i am not good enough as well that is why i post this to remind myself to not to repeat the same mistakes.

hana tajima wears hijab. she's a fashion designer. in fact, she covers herself. so, why us cant covers ourselves too.

came on, never blame the fashion. we as a b2b can change it. wink.

3. thank you syima cause you become my 1st reader who comment about this entry. there is no offense on statement number 2. i highlighted to whom who wears hijab, please.. please.. please wear it properly with a suitable outfits.

free hair or not is individual right. just respect and responsible with what so ever you wear. you brings the attitude out. good luck b2b!

any readers who like to respond fill free to drop me your comments.

well, this is not only for my personal thoughts sailing the journey to the engagement and wedding day but this also a place for sharing caring with my pretty readers.

now, i thank you.

p/s: i sharing because i caring. wink.

yours truly,


Syima Syaz said...

agree with u 110%...
esp the 2 point!

K.I.N.A said...

kina pun sokong..yang terpikir nak buat jarang2 kain net boleh la renung2kan & selamat beramal..

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum syima,

hi, happy to hear from you buddy.

assalamualaikum kina,

well, it's ok wearing those kind of materials but we need to cover it by lining another layer or wearing inner.

there are lot of them in market is it?

that's why dont blaming the fashion but we as an intelligent b2b needs to cover our owns.

thanks kina.