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Monday, November 29, 2010

7 months ++ : skype


hello buddies.

i is happy..

last night is a wonderful night for me. the feeling is priceless. in fact, it such as our 1st time falling in love. ahh. i dont know how to describe it.

things that i love about this relationship is i always nervous at the beginning of conversation. let me explain why do i nervous..

well, as you know we are in long distant relationship. my sweetheart is busy with his work and difficult to spend time with me. we rarely meet each others recently.

he always went for out station and military training left me for months. once a month we spend time skype-ing, once a week chatting via phone call and once or twice a day greeting me via sms.

i understand his career. i never complains but.. hurm sometimes i am sad when he was very busy until he didnt text me at all. T_T

please dont blaming me. i just an ordinary girl who is not strong enough (sometimes). yet, i am not blaming him too. this is what we have decided in life.. nvm.

so, i am ok with this.

alhamdulillah, after 2 weeks of horrible time to us finally he manage to spend his precious time with me. he invited me on skype. of cause i am excited to see him last night!

i am really miss him so muchhh. i am happy to see him and we did sharing stories together. i never asked for more than this. i am grateful and really appreciate it.

since we rarely meet and chat, i am nervous! i feels weird to chat with him even in the bottom of my heart i wanted to shout at him that i miss him! ha ha.

funny me. i dont know why. this is the sweetest moment to remember.. this will be happen again and again. every time when we didnt meet for loooooooooooong times, i will nervous and shy. it's like meeting him at the very 1st time.

well, i love this feelings. shows that my love towards him keep on burning!

p/s: smile ^______________________^

yours truly,


K.I.N.A said...

hehe..siap dgn uniform lg tu..sweet!!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kina.

we are on skype now. tonight he is on duty. that is why he is in full uniform. hu3x..

::m!SS edURA hanUM:: said...

anyway dear...
kita akan berkongsi pengalaman yang sama
ditinggalkan tuk berbulan2....
dia mmg kena tahan mental..kita pun turut sama juga menahan mental

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

sweetnya... bila berjauhan mmg rindu-rinduan. bila dekat2 nih, asyik gaduh ajer. LOL... btw, siap beruniform lagi sambil skype.

.::DinCma::. said...

happy together ever after to both of you;-)