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Saturday, November 27, 2010

the hantarans deco : boxes


hello buddies.

this is my 1st project. i was hunting for the hantarans deco ideas. using the power of google, i found several interesting idea which is suitable for the engagement.

since this is just an engagement, there are no need to spend more for the hantarans deco. i believes that by using cheap materials, creativity might turn the simple deco to the extravagant!

yess.. i love to use extravagant word. hihi..

now, check this out:

this is a plastic box. i dont know how much it is. i think this is cheaper than wooden box (of cause) and rattan basket.

however, i always wonder that i will wasting money to deco this because after the engagement day this plastic deco will be thrown away. hurm..


this is a paper box. excuse me, i dont know what kind of paper they are using this. i like this idea. i like the color. it is natural.

i was thinking that pink and orange artificial flowers will be look delicious on it! ha ha. some one said, my theme is delicious. thank you.

this is another box that i adore so much! the glossy material look expensive. *cough. maybe this is expensive too. i am not sure mother will approve this flowers deco or not. she said, she wanted one or two artificial flowers only.

i like the ribbon and the pearls. i really want this on my hantarans.


i like this without any arguments. excuse with the color but i love the simple look. by implementing creativity touches on it this can be super gorgeous!

since mother requested for a huge flower arrangements, it will be nice to allocate it at the corner of the box. then, the transparent at the center will showing what kind of hantaran we put on it.


this is a rattan box. the shape is unique as well as the flower arrangement. i like both.

the hantarans boxes will be nicer if we manage to mix and match the shape. this can remove the boring and old fashion style of decorations.


if i can have this as my hantarans boxes, i just send this to him. there is no need to deco anything on it. this is just enough. hurm.. no ribbon please.

however, do i really need this for the hantarans or i can have any options that way cheaper than this? think wisely, spend wisely.

therefore, the idea is there. since my budget is tight and this is just an engagement day i need to do more research and studies (why this is sound scientific??) in order to prevent over budgeting.

i must thinking out of the box. the mission is using cheap materials to create extravagant looks. insya Allah..

p/s: i am calculating every cents in my pocket. hu hu.

yours truly,


.::DinCma::. said...

beautiful deco;-)

K.I.N.A said...

think wisely,spend wisely..suke2..
suke yang kotakk transparent kat ats tu..

::m!SS edURA hanUM:: said...

skrg tuk hantaran i guna box jek
jimat pun jimat.pastu kita decorate sikit dah jadi cantek.thnx 4ur sharing

R-YuzSha said...

erm, sha masih cari box yang sesuai dan menepati tema dan harga yang berpatutan.. thanks for sharing..

Marlisa Asraf said...

sha, u displayed my English boxes in your blog. I only do rentals, all the boxes you see is only rm50 for all. I think it suits your budget!

Marlisa Asraf said...

sha, u displayed my English boxes (the last pic) in your blog. Rental for all the boxes are rm50 only. think it suits your budget. Contact me if it isn't too late yea!