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Friday, November 26, 2010

from simple to extravagant ideas


hello girlfriends,

let's talking about budget. i swear, every one will going to pull this issue's out esp after the decision have been made. such as oh my gucci, i am out of budget!! wink.

since my engagement will be held next year, i should grateful that i have long way to go and long decision making to have. so, i manage to spend wisely since i havent booking anything yet except asked for quotations.

morale of the story, pleased with the difficulties and think positive!

back to the budget, i was planning to have a simple yet meaningful engagement day in this rest of my life. lot of things in my check list to be prepare such as the hantarans deco, the mini pelamin, the goodie gifts, the surprise, the official make up artist, the official photographer and etc.

see.. there are long list to go. how do i define my engagement as a simple, eh? hu2x. fine.

i have a dream. every one have a dream. i was thinking that how do i make this dreams come true without over budgeting? each time i am surfing/ surveying i cant take my eyes away from the extravagant idea. urghh.

eh, wait. creativity turns ordinary ideas to be extra ordinaries. in fact, via creative thinking i can create things look extravagant within the budget. but.. how do i start this?


ok, go google. there are lot of info. choices is there. by using our intelligence, mix and match ideas and create extravagant look. insya Allah.

this is my new project. check this out. i am starting with a small project, my engagement. i am planning to create a simple look to be an extravagant! i smells good now. ha ha.

well, sharing is caring. catch me soon, babes.

p/s: i will going to start with the hantarans deco. see you then.

yours truly,


nYomeL said...

gud luck sweetie!
all the best with ur preps..


cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nyomel.

thank you so much dear. i hope it works! hi3x.