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Sunday, October 17, 2010

via celcom 3G


hello buddies.

today i like to share about the hantaran number 3. a songket tenun is part of the list where by it was a perfect combo for his baju melayu.

knowing that the price of songket tenun here is killing me so do i deciding to pass the job to my friend in terengganu. there you are how the 3G story began..

i email her my budget and details about the songket. i was very happy when she said that she can help me. what a relieved. i believes that the price of songket tenun tangan is way higher compares when we buy them in kelantan/ terengganu.

i just dont mind spending more on this cause i know the quality itself rather than being cheated by the seller like before. i mean, like previous story on hantaran number 2 i shouldnt spend at ehem-ehem boutique.

is better i bought the same material, the same quality at other places where by giving good price to me. it's a frustration. sigh.

back to the story on hantaran number 3,

my friend called me when she was at Batik Hungga Boutique, Kuala Terengganu. she told me there are lot of songket tenun tangan there within my budget and requirements.

since i need to choose the design, i video called her to make things easier for us. she shown me 4 different designs to chooce with the price between Rm 300-Rm400.

after few times of discussion, i end up with a simple songket tenun in black and gold color. when i said it's simple, i mean it's very simple design. hihihhihi..

the design of the songket tenun tangan is as simple as pic attached. pic credit to

before that, i would like to thank to my friend and her sister cause both of them are willing to help me. you are such sweet siblings. hugs you sis. gracias!

i never thought to buy this by assisting from celcom 3G before. haha.. well, we're usually communicating via email, phone calls and sms.

on the day, we need to video call and alhamdulillah, i love it! i like the material, the simple design and the price. *wink.

ok, that's all for now.

p/s: one last item is his set of shirt and pant. give me a second.. does year end sale is around the corner? ha ha.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

teringin nak bersongket tapi........ banyak sangat nak. so, kena tengok budget ni dulu. hahaha.... =P

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

am i telling you that the songket tenun tangan is for his samping? gaga..